[eBook] 100 Ways to Use FormAssembly


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You already know that FormAssembly offers you unlimited forms and responses, unlimited support, unlimited potential with integrations and more, but did you also know that FormAssembly unlocks unlimited use cases?

We compiled 100 (that’s right—100!) of our favorite use cases in a FREE eBook so you can explore the many, MANY ways that FormAssembly can be used in all industries and all departments.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll get in this eBook

Innovative FormAssembly + Salesforce Ideas

Our Unlimited Salesforce Connector is no secret, but you might not be aware of all the creative ways it can be used at your organization. We spill the details on some of our favorites in the eBook.

Forms from Our VIPs

Who are these mysterious VIPs?? They’re a group of form building power users that have unique access to our teams, the opportunity to test and provide feedback on new features, and more.

(If being a VIP sounds interesting to you, learn more about the program and how to reach out to us about it.)

In the eBook we include several use cases from our VIPs, so you can implement their best practices in your own organization.

Examples of FormAssembly in Higher Ed, Healthcare & More Verticals

Different verticals have different data collection needs, and FormAssembly meets all of those needs! Learn about HIPAA compliant healthcare forms, higher ed registration forms, and more in a comprehensive review of some of our favorite case studies.

Internal Use Cases

We use FormAssembly at FormAssembly! That’s right—we’re so sold on our own form building platform that we use it to accomplish all kinds of tasks on all of our teams. Learn how it’s used for:

  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Sales
  • More

What are you waiting for! 100 use cases are just on the other side of the download button. Grab the eBook today and apply some of these outstanding FormAssembly use cases.

Don’t just collect data
— leverage it