Product Update: Improving FormAssembly’s Salesforce Dynamic Picklists Feature


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In October of 2018, we released our Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature, which allows users to create drop-down menus on forms that pull options directly from Salesforce picklists or lookup results. This feature is about to get some new upgrades, and we’re excited to share them with you!

The updates we’re making to this well-loved FormAssembly feature will make our Salesforce integration more powerful than ever before. Read on to learn more about the updates coming for our Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature.

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists Feature Upgrade Details

Here is an overview of the improvements we’re making:

  1. Live Lookup: FormAssembly’s improved Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature allows customers to perform live lookups to Salesforce based on fields in a FormAssembly form. The previous functionality only allowed lookups to be performed once upon form load.
  2. Multi-Field Mapping: With this new update, users will be able to fill multiple form fields with data from Salesforce based on the choice a respondent selects. For example, if you use a Salesforce Dynamic Picklist to display account names, you can also map the ID of the account selected to a text field. This makes it easy to target records in your submit connectors and/or display data from Salesforce without using multi-form lookups.
  3. Control Sort Order: Salesforce Dynamic Picklists can now be configured to display their list of choices in multiple different sort orders—alpha ascending, descending, etc. In addition to picking the sort order, you can select which field from the Salesforce record is used to sort.
  4. Configure in the Form Builder: Salesforce Dynamic Picklists can now be configured directly in the Form Builder. When you set a multiple-choice question to get its list of choices from Salesforce, you will be prompted to authenticate to Salesforce and configure your picklist. This will help you keep your Salesforce Prefill Connector(s) streamlined without compromising functionality.
  5. Configure Advanced Queries with SOQL: In addition to using our new, more powerful UI to configure Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, users will be able to configure them using SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language). This allows advanced users more flexibility and control over queries that do not lend themselves to a visual query builder. Additionally, this update will allow users to map Dynamic Picklists query results to multiple fields (like datasets). It will also make it possible for users to configure lookups and conditions with SOQL. In conjunction with these updates, the Dynamic Picklist feature will be moved from the Salesforce Prefill Connector to the Form Builder.

Who will this affect?

These updates will only affect Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers. Existing customers will automatically be migrated to the new Salesforce Dynamic Picklists when they open the form builder for the first time after the release. New users will only be given the new interface.

The updates we’re making to our Salesforce Dynamic Picklist feature will improve the overall form-building experience as you connect to Salesforce. If you’re already an Enterprise or Compliance Cloud user, this feature will be coming your way soon! Get the step-by-step instructions in our help docs, and bookmark the link to our blog below to stay updated about this pending product update.

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