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Need web forms for your Drupal website? Publishing Drupal forms is super easy — just add the FormAssembly module.
Version 1 of the Drupal integration is now available for download, released and sponsored by FFW Agency!


FFW’s Technical Team Leader, Shawn Duncan directs a team of developers that builds enterprise-level websites for Fortune 500 companies. Last year, a FFW client, a global nonprofit family foundation, needed chip-kayeFormAssembly integration for their Drupal website. Shawn and Senior Developer Chip Kaye worked together to pick up the existing FormAssembly sandbox module and get it ready for production.
To give back to the Drupal community, FFW contributed the FormAssembly module to Thanks to FFW, anyone who uses Drupal can embed FormAssembly forms!

What You Can Do

Out of the box, you can embed FormAssembly forms into content types by including an entity reference field to reference a particular form. When the Drupal content displays, the FormAssembly form will also appear.
For further customization, you can edit parameters, configure default text, or use the Drupal module Token to prefill values from your Drupal site. You can batch synchronize and pull the pages of all forms in your FormAssembly account. Enterprise users can also choose to pull in all the forms of their FormAssembly instance.
Note: The FormAssembly module is compatible with Drupal 7 and a Drupal 8 version is in the works.

Get Started with FormAssembly + Drupal

Ready to connect FormAssembly with your Drupal site? Download the FormAssembly module at

Need help getting started, or want to see the Drupal module in action?

Drupal is a very active and welcoming community, so if you need any help with the FormAssembly module, visit the project page to post a question, a bug, or a feature request.
For consultation and development on your Drupal website project, contact FFW!

About FFW

FFW is a digital agency that offers a full range of digital services, including website and mobile app development. FFW specializes in Drupal and other content management platforms. Learn more at
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