Dreamforce Giveaway: Win Your Own Alexa Dot


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Feel like you never win anything? Change your luck with our Dreamforce giveaway. At Dreamforce 2017 we’re giving away three Alexa Dots. Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow Us

First, find our Facebook and Twitter, and follow us on them.

2. Take a Selfie

After you’ve followed us on social media, find a FormAssembly team member and ask them to take a selfie with you (don’t worry, we’re all super-friendly people). How do you find one of us? Simple. We’re at booth #901 in the main expo and we’ll also have a kiosk in the Nonprofit Lodge, so there’s more than one place to track us down. (Take a look at the people who are going to be representing FormAssembly at Dreamforce on our Dreamforce information hub.)

3. Post It!

Take that selfie, filter optional, and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #DreamForms17 (tag @FormAssembly too, so we know you posted it!).
That’s it! Complete all those steps and be entered to win an Alexa Dot.
See you at Dreamforce!
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