Watch Now: FormAssembly’s Dreamforce 2020 Video Series


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Each year, the FormAssembly team looks forward to connecting with the Salesforce community at Dreamforce. Because we’re not able to connect in person for Dreamforce this year, we put together a series of videos to keep you in the loop about FormAssembly’s newest features, product updates, and form-building best practices.

In this blog post, you’ll find a recap of our video series commemorating Dreamforce week. We hope these short videos give you great insights into what we’ve been working on this year to make our platform even better for all of our customers.

Video #1: Streamline Salesforce Data Collection with FormAssembly’s Dynamic Picklists Feature

This video is about our much-loved Salesforce Dynamic Picklists feature. This feature makes it possible for our Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users to create drop-down menus on forms that pull options directly from Salesforce picklists or lookup results.

Video #2: How to Customize Your Online Forms

The next video in our Dreamforce 2020 video series is all about how to customize your online forms with our Template Library, Theme Editor, and other features.

Along with our new video content, we also gave away a box full of exclusive FormAssembly swag items to commemorate Dreamforce 2020! Congrats to our swag winners.

Video #3: 3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with FormAssembly

In this video, you’ll learn about three lesser-known FormAssembly use cases that will help you get more out of our platform.

As you may already know, Salesforce users in all industries love using FormAssembly to streamline data collection processes. Our all-in-one form builder & data collection platform offers robust Salesforce integration to help eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. Learn more about FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration at the link below.

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