Dreamforce 2017: What We Know So Far

Too early to get excited about Dreamforce 2017? We don’t think so.
That’s right. The pioneering cloud computing conference people start looking forward to the day after the previous one ends is coming up this November 6 through 9 in San Francisco. If you’ve never been to Dreamforce, you’re in for an amazing time. If you’re a Dreamforce veteran, you know to expect an incredible four-day conference with tons of learning, connecting, networking, and some letting loose, too. You can get plenty of information about how to meet up with us and what we’ll be doing at Dreamforce over on our Dreamforce landing page.
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We’ve attended Dreamforce for a few years, and we’ll be there this year too! (And we’re a bronze sponsor.)

So you probably have questions right? Questions like…
Can I meet the folks at FormAssembly there?
Absolutely! We’ll be at booth #901 and several folks from sales, marketing, and customer support will be there to chat and answer questions. (You can even meet our CEO Cedric Savarese!)

Why should I stop by FormAssembly’s booth when there’s so many others to see?
Good point! There are tons of booths, but not tons of amazingly powerful and Salesforce connected web forms. You can also get the chance to win some cool prizes (details to follow!!), but you have to visit our booth to be entered! Plus, we’re all just genuinely nice people and we’d love the chance to meet you!
Ok, you’ve convinced me. Any way I can set up a meeting with you or let you know I’m coming by?
You sure can! Check out the signup form on our Dreamforce landing page and send us your contact info.

Sounds easy enough. What’s there to do besides checking out the booths?
What ISN’T there to do? First, Dreamforce is held in San Francisco, so if you get the chance to step away from the conference, there’s plenty of sightseeing to be had. Second, the whole day is full of amazing experiences. Marc Benioff will give an opening day keynote this year, and previous year’s speakers have included (excuse us while we namedrop) Melinda Gates, Mark Cuban, Astronaut Scott Kelly, and so many more. Oh, and there are over 2,700 sessions to attend over the the 4 days of the conference.
Any chance FormAssembly will be in any sessions?
No, but some of our awesome partners may be! No finals details yet, but stay tuned with our blog and social channels and you’ll be among the first to know!
Sweet, is there anything to do after hours?
Yup! Think parties and concerts from musical acts like U2 in 2016 and Stevie Wonder in 2015.

Not too shabby! Anything else I should know?
Remember to check out our Dreamforce landing page for further info, and stay tuned as we continue releasing info and helpful advice on getting ready for Dreamforce on our blog and social channels.
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