Don’t Miss FormAssembly’s Demo Jam Appearance at Dreamforce

Even if your Dreamforce schedule is already packed, you probably have time for one of the AppExchange Demo Jams—they’re only three minutes! Pencil in FormAssembly’s Demo Jam slot on Monday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. in the Admin Meadow. We’ll be going up against other Salesforce apps, including Conga, TaskRay, and OwnBackup.
The winner of this Admin-focused jam, in addition to the winners of six other jams focusing on Sales, SMB, Marketing, and other topics, will face off in the Mega Demo Jam, scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 9, at 9:30 a.m. in Moscone West.

What’s a Demo Jam?

Never been to a Demo Jam or even heard of one? Here’s the scoop. Demo Jams are essentially a way for Salesforce app partners to demo the highlights of their solution in a quick, no-nonsense format that pits them against other apps and ends in a winner being named for the Demo Jam.
Partners have three minutes to demo their solution, and the audience chooses the winner. Demo Jams happen online as webinars and at real-life Salesforce events. We competed in a demo jam at Midwest Dreamin’ earlier this year.

Why Should I Go?

Aside from giving you a quick intro into tons of cool apps, Demo Jams are a blast to attend! Why not come and support your favorite form builder by attending our Nov. 6 Demo Jam?!
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