Dreamforce 2013 Recap

Jaret with the Salesforce mascot!

(Here’s Jaret with the Salesforce mascot!)
We had a fantastic time at Dreamforce 2013. Even though we didn’t have a booth this year, Dreamforce was such a great networking opportunity that we only had a little bit of time for keynotes and sessions — we were too busy chatting and hanging out!
We’re so thankful that we had the chance to meet up with (and run into) some of our awesome customers and partners. To our surprise, some people even spotted us on the hotel escalator or caught us in the elevator!
Special thanks to Peter at TargetX, Nate at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Noah and Marcus at the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Mike and Mike at BriteVerify, and Reuven at OUT OF THE BOX Consulting for taking the time to give us valuable feedback — and to everyone we were lucky enough to meet or run into. It was a real pleasure to meet you all, and we hope to see ya again next year.
A huge thank you to Matthew and Idealist Consulting for hosting the NPO Engagement Party, and to Colleen and Exponent Partners for hosting the Social Impact Salon! We had a terrific time. And congrats to Lisa at Center for Youth Wellness for winning a FormAssembly account in the raffle!
We also had fun at the Green Day concert and were impressed by their quick improvising skills. The sound cut out, but the band didn’t blink — they instantly switched to acoustic mode and kept playing. It was a great example of how well things can work if you’re ready to improvise. And you should definitely be prepared for improvisation in a crazy venue like Dreamforce!
And, speaking of being prepared, here’s our tip sheet for Dreamforce:

  • Book your hotel and event space as early as possible. Dreamforce keeps expanding, so spaces fill fast.
  • Be ready for a ton of walking and San Francisco weather! Bring comfortable shoes, a sweater, and rainwear. (Umbrellas will be provided.)
  • Your meeting place doesn’t have to be a booth. You can meet just about anywhere, as long as you’re able to hear the other person (i.e., a noisy bar probably isn’t your best bet).
  • Schedule your meetings efficiently, so you’re not running all over the place just to get to the next place in time.
  • …but be prepared to run, if necessary!
  • Remember to drink water and eat well. There’s also plenty of food available for free.

If you’re considering heading to Dreamforce next year, we highly recommend it and would love to see you there!

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