Downtime Incident Report: May 23, 2009

Today, between 3:07pm and 3:39pm EST (GMT-6), our service was unavailable due to a server crash. We have switched to our backup database server, and are back to normal operations, although you may notice a degradation in response time. We’ll update this post as new information is available.
UPDATE 1: Server was down due to a power failure in the datacenter. The incident appears to be resolved and we’re going to switch back to our main database server as soon as possible.
UPDATE 2: Our primary database server is back online. While no data has been lost, some of the notification emails sent out may contain broken links to response records. If this happens to you, simply log into your account and look for your data in the ‘Responses’ tab. Please open a support request if you need any assistance. We’ll be happy to help.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident. We could have done a better job keeping the downtime to a minimum, so we’ll review our procedures and see what we can improve. Providing a reliable and trustworthy service is our utmost priority.

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