Why You Should Ditch Paper Forms for FormAssembly’s Mobile App


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Do you use paper to collect information for your organization? Whether it’s paper surveys, paper sign-up sheets, or paper lead collection forms, you should know there’s a better way to collect information on-the-go. FormAssembly’s mobile app (available on the iTunes App Store) can help you collect data at events, in the field, at house calls, or anywhere else your work takes you. If that weren’t enough, you can also collect data offline and sync it to your FormAssembly account at a later time. In short, why use paper when FormAssembly can meet your remote data collection needs?

Paper Can Get Lost

When you use paper methods to collect information, you’re trusting in something very unreliable. Paper can be lost or damaged, written information can be undecipherable – you get the picture. Instead of collecting business cards at an event, gather lead information with FormAssembly. Instead of paper surveys on a clipboard, use our iOS app. That way, you’ll keep all of the information in one place and be able to access it easily later.

Data Entry is Time-Consuming

In most cases, information collected on paper needs to be transferred somewhere else, whether that’s a CRM such as Salesforce, an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp and the like, or a spreadsheet software such as Google Sheets. Manual data collection takes time; likely time you don’t have. The result of that is that data may never get transferred to the right location and used to its full potential; or, if it is transferred, you may run into issues with human error and data entry mistakes. With FormAssembly’s mobile app, you can use features such as our Salesforce Connectors and Google Sheets Connector to send data where it’s supposed to go.

Collect Data Online or Offline

If there’s a benefit to paper for data collection, it’s that you can take paper just about anywhere and don’t need WiFi to collect data. However, with offline data collection on our iOS app, you can achieve the same flexibility, plus the added benefits of collecting data with web forms. Collect data on-the-go, with internet or without, and sync it to your account when you have internet again.
Keep an eye out for the release of our mobile app eBook with info on setting up and using our mobile app. In the meantime, read more about ways to use the mobile app:
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