Dell Trades Data Silos for Integrated Data Collection with FormAssembly


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Dell Technologies is a globally-recognized technology company on a mission to transform lives through innovative solutions, social impact, and sustainability initiatives. To accurately collect and analyze data from the field, Dell needed to leverage an external platform on the same level as their own ambitious technology goals. With these goals in mind, they chose FormAssembly.

The data collection challenge

Before FormAssembly, Dell struggled with two significant challenges within their data collection processes. First, the team struggled to find data collection methods they could easily manage and scale. Between spreadsheets and emails, their previous processes simply did not have the capacity to grow with their large data collection needs. Second, the team lacked integration with Salesforce, a system they relied on heavily for data analysis and delivering custom solutions to the field. Overall, the team faced the challenges of growing data silos since they were using an outdated manual system that was not flexible or scalable.

Transitioning to a simple, scalable solution

Dell Technologies turned to FormAssembly’s user-friendly and extendible platform to centralize and scale their data collection processes. Using FormAssembly, the development team was able to quickly modernize their external-facing web service, Dash. Combining FormAssembly and Salesforce into their own software, Dell entirely revamped Dash and transitioned from 150 disjointed forms to 40 integrated, streamlined forms. 

“FormAssembly is something we can jump into day one with no experience and immediately create the forms [we] need. As our business grew, we were able to extend the facilities within FormAssembly to collect information specific to the services we offered. Now, we’re finding new elements and aspects that we’re looking at incorporating moving forward.”

—James Turnock, Senior Development Manager, Dell

By restructuring their forms, data collection became faster, more targeted and relevant, and more efficient. As a result, Dell had the capacity to quickly and effectively collect and leverage data from more than 110,000 Dash submissions in the past two years.

Looking ahead with FormAssembly

Moving forward, Dell is planning to continue expanding and securing their data collection processes with FormAssembly. Specifically, the team is looking to minimize data silos and consolidate their services into an assembly line approach with Workflow

“We continue to meet with FormAssembly, they continue to develop with us, and we’re very happy with what we’re doing with them,” Turnock said.

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