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FormAssembly is in the news! Stay up to date with FormAssembly news and press mentions on our Press page, where we feature everything from guest posts to interviews on a wide range of topics. In this blog, we’re highlighting an Information Management article on data security in the new decade, written by Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance.

Article: Keeping customer data safe and private in the new decade
Author: Chad Cragle, Director of Security and Compliance at FormAssembly
Website/Publication: Information Management

Article Summary:

In the Information Management article written by Chad Cragle, he discusses:

  • How the CCPA and other state-specific regulations will affect the data privacy landscape
  • Tactics that companies can use to be regulation-compliant, regardless of which U.S. state they are in
  • Where businesses stand in light of recent data privacy regulations, using statistics from a FormAssembly survey

The Highlights:

Chad Cragle on the dangers of a lack of preventative data security measures:

“As we have seen over recent years in several data breach cases, the lack of preventative security measures leads to attacks, which leads to broken trust with the consumer and a tainted reputation of the organization overall. That’s why being transparent is a crucial justification when handling data, no matter the classification.”

Chad Cragle on the importance of being prepared for data privacy legislation:

“It is clear from these results that while most organizations who understand the regulations applied to them are prepared, those who are not under any state-specific regulation have no clear plan on how to deal with potential legislation. Making regulation preparedness a priority is necessary for organizations to thrive, as new regulations could arise and make processes a little more challenging.”

Chad Cragle on the necessity of making data privacy a priority:

“Organizations not yet affected by these regulations must still make data privacy a priority, ensuring they have a plan in place for future regulations. Regulation compliance must be a major focus for organizations today, as the data privacy landscape is constantly changing, and they must keep up to ensure that their customers’ information is safe and maintain trust between the company and consumer.”

Read the full article here, and keep up with more FormAssembly news on our blog.

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