[White Paper] Data Governance: Best Practices for Collecting Form Data


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What is data governance and what does it have to do with your organization? That’s the topic of our white paper titled, “Data Governance: Best Practices for Collecting Form Data.”
In this white paper, you’ll learn about the definition of data governance and how following best practices for data governance can help you attain, according to Oracle, “data with improved quality, easier access, and managed and auditable security.”
Also in this white paper, we cover:

  • Security: You probably don’t need to be told about the serious, often disastrous nature of data breaches. It’s important to understand security related data collection matters like encryption and password protection for information access, which this section covers.
  • Compliance: There are multiple legal requirements for data handling, from HIPAA for healthcare information to FERPA for student information. Learn about these requirements and more, as well as the importance of having a form solution with customized access controls.
  • Data Quality and Connectivity: In addition to security and compliance, data governance can also include ways to make data more useful to your organization. After all, why collect data if it’s not helping to improve your work in some way?
  • A Centralized Form Solution: Having a centralized method for data collection means less work for IT and more organized data. This section covers the benefits of one data collection method vs. many.

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