Measure the Health of Your Data with FormAssembly’s Data Collection Health Check

Jan 20, 2021 | Resources, Tips and Best Practices

Is your data in good health? If not, you could be risking inaccuracy, inefficiency, and security problems—all of which can be extremely costly. Our new data collection health check asks questions to measure the health of data at your organization and provides recommendations for improvement. Read on for details.

Why measure data health?

As you know, data collection is a crucial business component for organizations of all kinds. Healthcare organizations require patient health data; nonprofits rely on volunteer and donor information; organizations in the financial services industry collect customer data to process payments and provide financial support; government agencies collect large amounts of data from citizens—the list goes on and on.

Because data plays such an important role in the success of most organizations and the people they serve, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure data health, which is a combination of accuracy, security, consistency, compliance, and accessibility. Without evaluating the health of your data regularly, you could be missing major challenges that are creating roadblocks to success.

How FormAssembly can help

Is the data you collect in good health? And if not, how can you change that? Many factors contribute to the answers to these questions, and it can be difficult to sift through all of it at once. That’s where our data collection data collection health check comes in handy—just answer a few questions on the form linked below and our team will connect with you to help improve the health of your data.

Thousands of organizations rely on FormAssembly’s all-in-one form builder and data collection platform for secure, efficient data collection. Our platform’s high standards of security and compliance, user-friendly interface, and powerful integrations allow our customers to become better stewards of the data they collect. Get your data collection health check at the link below.

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