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One of the best ways to get to know a product is to listen to others talk about their experience. Once you start searching through reviews, it most likely won’t take you long to discover which products rise to the top and which ones people tend to leave behind. 

At FormAssembly, we’re proud that our data collection platform and workflow builder comes highly-rated across several trustworthy sites like Salesforce AppExchange and G2. But don’t take our word for it—see what customers like you have to say about FormAssembly.

Form Builder

Our intuitive drag-and-drop web form builder makes it easy to create custom forms in minutes, without needing to know code or get help from developers or IT. In just a few clicks, you can have a branded web form that connects to business systems like Stripe or PayPal and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

“Our number one tool for constituent surveys, data collection, and Salesforce integration!” — Daniel B., Program Coordinator

“FormAssembly is one of the most versatile form builders I have worked with. Depending on the tier you go with, you can do almost anything you could want. Useful for all sorts of forms. Advanced functionality and also a pretty great Salesforce Integration.” — Sophie E., Product Manager

“Very easy to get up and running and have forms on your website to collect data on new leads. No-code solution allows for admins to set up and pass data into Salesforce quickly and easily. You can drag and drop fields into a form and you are allowed several different question types. It does allow for more complex scenarios and data integrations but out of the box, it is very easy to use.” — Mark D., Salesforce Administrator

“Great form builder that integrates with websites and salesforce seamlessly.” — Dave R., Director of Technology 

“Real-time data—that’s the big value add. Somebody submits a form and within seconds, that information is in Salesforce, and our dashboards are updated.” — Larry R., Technology Solutions Specialist


Our platform connects effortlessly to many trusted integrations, including Stripe, PayPal, GoToWebinar, Mailchimp, WordPress, and many more. Our most popular integration to Salesforce comes with several connectors that make collecting and importing data to your org simple, fast, and secure. With these seamless integrations, it’s easy to minimize data silos and improve efficiency.

“FormAssembly delivers for us exactly what it promises–fantastic forms that integrate perfectly with Salesforce.” — Kevin G., IT Director

“I have been working in the Salesforce space for 15+ years, and this is the best form tool I have ever used, with by far the best Salesforce integration.” — IT Consultant, G2 Review

“I love that I can easily connect the form questions to my existing data fields in Salesforce.” — Lindsay M., Salesforce Administrator

“The Salesforce connector is top-notch and is something I haven’t seen in any other form builders. FormAssembly really checked off all of our boxes and more!” — Shayna B., Data Narrator


Our newest solution, FormAssembly Workflow, allows you to combine multiple forms, participants, emails, and notifications into an intuitive visual editor. Within the Workflow Builder, users can visually map out complex business processes, connect forms, set conditional routing rules, automate notifications, and much more—all without needing to code.

“This is a game-changer! Workflow combines all the submit actions in one—integrations, emails, notifications, etc.—but with more power!” — Rachel N., Product Manager

“The most powerful form tool I have used for data manipulation, workflow, and integration with Salesforce.” — Vicky M., Salesforce AppExchange Review

“With the visual interface in Workflow, our staff will be empowered to make form-to-form connections without assistance. This will save resources but also democratize our processes and provide staff with a greater sense of control.” — Christina K., Operations Director

“Just to be able to lay [workflows] out visually, with so many forms, is helpful, otherwise I would be using a piece of paper. And I can make changes without having to go anywhere else. This allows us to take our forms into all new directions.” — Andrew M., Analyst, Admissions Marketing

Security and compliance

Our platform has advanced security and compliance standards that ensure even organizations in regulated environments, such as healthcare or financial services, can leverage our platform to collect and process data. FormAssembly is compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, and is FedRAMP-Ready for government organizations. Get the full list of our security policies here.

“Formassembly combines ease of use with a secure environment that ties back to mission critical systems.” – Adam F., Principal Solutions Engineer

“The best secured feature application. They provide advanced security features, which include HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, and encryption.” — Marshal T., Salesforce AppExchange Review

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