Spreading the FormAssembly Love with Love Notes From Our Customers

Roses are red, violets are blue, our customers love us, and we think you will too! If you’ve been wanting to learn more about FormAssembly, you’re in the right spot—our all-in-one form builder and data collection platform is used by 5,000+ customers in all industries, and we love sharing their success stories. In this blog post, you’ll find a compilation of recent “love notes” from our customers to help you start picturing a future with us.

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Love notes from our customers

“I have been using FormAssembly for approximately five years now across multiple organizations. The product is continually improved and it is really putting the power back in the hands of admin/business users which is always a good thing. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to the new features over the next 12 months.” — Shaun Shields, Salesforce AppExchange Review

“We’ve had FormAssembly for as long as we’ve had Salesforce. It’s very hard to imagine life without it.” — Justin Gilmore, Decision Support Analyst, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

“If you use Salesforce, then you definitely want FormAssembly! Its connection with Salesforce is almost perfect. Both platforms work incredibly well together. The forms pretty much give you everything you need, and it’s very easy to use. The response section provides the analysis of all non-text questions and they can be downloaded to Excel. I also like the ability to send automatic copies of answers to designated email addresses and automate auto reply for forms.” G2 Review

“[FormAssembly] is… the most powerful form tool I have used for data manipulation, workflow, and integration with Salesforce. It has been a game changer for our charity!” — Vicky McLaren, Salesforce AppExchange Review

“FormAssembly was such a great addition and enhancement to our submission app. It was not only super easy to build out, but it made it super engaging and easy to use for customers.” — Tyler Woebkenberg, Senior Architect, Impact Labs –

“FormAssembly is, by far, the most robust third-party form tool for Salesforce. It can handle complicated data mapping/migration with ease and gives admins complete control over how data is pushed into Salesforce. FormAssembly is absolutely essential for Salesforce users; there is no other service which can match its complexity/power. We can get data from clients and volunteers directly into Salesforce and bypass data entry completely. This has helped my organization, a human services-providing nonprofit, to go completely remote while still helping clients achieve their goals.” G2 Review

“Prefill is just awesome, and it gets the data that we depend on into the hands of our mentors and students. [FormAssembly’s] support [team] is bar none one of the best in the industry. They are phenomenal.” — Jonathan Pugh, Assistant Director of Technology and Programs, Give Something Back

“Couldn’t do my job without it! FormAssembly allows me to cut down significantly on time spent creating forms, collecting responses, and dispersing information. We use it for everything… Absolutely use FormAssembly whenever you can. It will save you a ton of time, energy, and resources. The connectors for Salesforce are especially helpful… We are able to ensure that our constituents get what they need much more effectively thanks to FormAssembly.” — Katelyn W., G2 Review


As you can see, customers love us, and the feeling is mutual! If you need a better way to collect data, try our web form builder and data collection platform free for 14 days at the link below, no credit card required. We look forward to starting a new data collection love story with you!

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