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Article:Chaos: The Tell-Tale Sign Your Enterprise CRM Needs a Solid Data Process Deep Clean
Author: Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing, FormAssembly
Website/Publication: MarTech Advisor
Article Summary:
In the MarTech Advisor article written by Ashley McAlpin, she covers:

  • The lack of digital transformation in many companies, several of which rely on outdated data collection processes
  • How manual data collection can lead to poor data quality and organizational chaos, wasting companies’ time and money
  • How more efficient data collection processes can lead to more time devoted to data, whether through implementing data analytics or educating sales and marketing teams

The Highlights:
Ashley McAlpin on the simplicity of transitioning from manual data capturing processes to digital ones:

“The transition of legacy processes to things like connected forms for data capture does not have to be a prolonged process and could instantaneously transform the way you interact with your CRM.”

Ashley McAlpin on finding the right data collection method to fit your company’s needs:

“Many data collection solutions limit the number of forms you can produce or responses you can collect, so it is important when building out your marketing platform to ensure you have the ability to collect as much information from your target audience as possible.”

Ashley McAlpin on the outcome of utilizing effective data capturing methods:

“By making this transition, you can produce relevant data to key organizational stakeholders in real time and engage with your audience in a more meaningful manner without having to undertake the monumental feat of sifting through spreadsheets to deduce who you should target and when and what the last touchpoint was.”

The article can be found in full here.

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