Counting Down the Days Until the FormAssembly 2018 Spring Reunion


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Reuniting a Remote Team

You may have seen some of our previous blog posts about why FormAssembly values in-person team reunions. Why would we gather people from around the globe (most of whom work from the comforts of home offices) to meet for a week in Indiana? An annual get-together allows us to meet one another face-to-face and enjoy some quality team bonding, while also getting a chance to work in the same location temporarily. We’ve added almost 10 new team members in 2018 alone, and our May 2018 reunion is gearing up to be one of the best, and definitely the biggest reunion yet!

Customer Impact

Why do we want to make sure our customers know about our annual get-together? Even though we wish you could all take a break and join us for the fun, we know you’re still in need of web forms that work around the clock.
This year’s reunion will be held during the week of Monday, May 14. During this week, support services will be limited to allow customer success staff the opportunity to participate in meetings and activities. However, this year, we’ll be implementing “all-hands” support during the reunion, meaning team members across all departments will be chipping in and working collaboratively to monitor support requests, ensuring urgent issues and other questions receive attention. Regular support will resume on Monday, May 21.

How We Spend Our Time at the Reunion

The annual FormAssembly reunion is more than a meeting. It’s a chance to for us to connect in person and put personalities and faces to the names that we chat with online every day. We can sharpen our communication, share new ideas, and have a blast! The annual reunion also includes:

  • A yearly State of the Company address from our founder, Cedric Savarese
  • Departmental planning and collaboration sessions
  • Company-wide security training for all teammates
  • Team building and fun activities throughout the week
  • A chance to explore Bloomington, Indiana: the birthplace of FormAssembly

Past Reunions

We pack a lot into a week’s worth of time during our reunions, and you can check out some of our previous reunion highlights. Favorite memories from past years include days on the lake with boats and jet skis, games of laser tag, and time to explore the Indiana University campus. For the 2018 reunion, we’re excited to bring back some old traditions, in addition to making plenty of new memories.

What Our Team Has to Say

“Product has five new members since the last reunion, which means we have doubled in size! I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person and strengthening our bond as a team!” -Brittany Arnett, Product Manager (former employee)
“I can’t wait to see the ‘sea’ of people this time around. My first reunion pulled about 14 folks together and now we’re at 40+! I’m especially excited to see my fellow marketing gang. My favorite part of our reunions are the activities that our Finance Director, Kari Shaevitz, puts together. We usually do boats and a group training then some random fun group activity, like last year we did Laser Tag, which was a huge hit!” -Steven Watkins, Marketing Automation Specialist
“I can’t wait to see the team again! We only get together once a year as a group, so it’s always exciting to put faces to names. My favorite part of past reunions has been team bonding! Even though we talk every day, it’s great to see my entire team and get to spend some quality time together.” -Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing

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