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Best Practices for Communicating Remotely: Our Top Remote Work Resources


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Organizations all over the world have been forced to make a rapid transition into remote work in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Communicating remotely can be challenging, particularly for organizations that have never operated this way before.

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With more than a decade of experience as a fully remote company, we want to share our most helpful remote work resources to support other companies during this time. In this blog, you’ll find our best remote work resources all in one place.

How and Why We Work Remotely: The Complete Guide to FormAssembly’s Distributed Culture

In this resource, you’ll learn the background story behind why our company has voluntarily chosen to operate as a fully remote team for more than 10 years. We highlight some of the remote work perks we celebrate, like flexibility, lower overhead costs, and ability to hire great talent regardless of location, as well as some of the challenges we’ve had to overcome. We have a lot of experience making it work, and we want to help you do the same!

10 Tips for Successfully Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment

If your organization has recently made the transition to remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar is for you. Joey Owens-Barham, Director of Talent and Culture, and Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing, share 10 helpful tips that you can use to ease the transition to remote work in this challenging time, with advice on security, communication, and more. You’ll learn how to utilize technology as a remote team, how to encourage teamwork from afar, and other helpful keys to success.

9 Best Practices for Amazing Communication in a Remote Workplace

If your team is facing challenges while communicating remotely, you’ll want to check out this in-depth blog post all about tactics for successful remote work communication. Although good communication is important in any type of work environment, it’s particularly crucial for remote teams. We discuss the importance of video chats, regular check-ins, patience, and other best practices that will help take your remote communication to the next level.

Working Remotely 101: The FormAssembly Team Weighs In

While this blog post doesn’t necessarily include any tips or advice, sometimes it’s nice to just read something you can relate to! This post includes firsthand stories from FormAssembly team members about what it’s really like to work remotely—if you’ve been working from home for a while now due to COVID-19, some of these stories may definitely sound familiar.
To learn more from our long-term remote team members’ personal experiences, check out these blog posts:

We hope these resources are helpful to you! To learn more about our remote team and culture, check out the Remote Work category on the FormAssembly blog.

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