Commonly Asked Form Questions: What Prospects Want to Know


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At FormAssembly, we know that choosing your perfect web form solution is a big deal. The right tools can make your business or organization run more effectively and put valuable time and resources back in your hands. As our team interacts with customers every day, they often receive similar questions about everything FormAssembly can do. Keep reading for a roundup of commonly asked form questions and how we tackle them.

Is it possible to change the orientation of form elements (such as radio buttons) to a different horizontal layout?

It is possible to change the presentation or layout of several field types, including the radio button fields. To make this change, a user would need to select the Horizontal option from the Presentation > Choice Layout menu after clicking the radio button field.

For a live look at how to make changes to a form’s field layout, check out our help documents, where you can see a preview of how to make this easy change within the form builder.

Can I automate a survey based on a case being closed in Salesforce?

This capability is available to FormAssembly users but should be set up within the user’s Salesforce instance. Through the Prefill Connector, FormAssembly offers a practical and fast way to load data from Salesforce into a web form (or into a survey set up in as web form).

Additionally, users can utilize a trigger or automatic workflow as a representative closes a case and sets a record to a specific value. Setting up the Salesforce automation is the overarching requirement, and your FormAssembly form can simply fall into an email template that is prefilled with merge fields and a link.

Since the form link lives in an email template, any Salesforce user could send an email 1:1 from the ‘Send Email’ button and select the same email template that is used in the automated process mentioned in the previous example.

If so, can I select when I want the survey to be sent manually from Salesforce?

In addition to the above options, FormAssembly users also have the choice to send emails from Salesforce manually or automatically. The email for who the survey engagement is sent to should be captured by the original case as a requirement for replying back. From there, the message can be tucked into the respective object in order to become part of the automation process.

Utilizing Salesforce Communities (now Salesforce Experience Cloud) is another way to allow a form to be sent to a respondent based on the case or record status in the org at the time of a change.

What are the limitations for forms, responses, etc.?

By far, this is one of our favorite questions to answer. When prospective clients want to know the cap on how many forms they can create, how many respondents they can poll, or how many answers they can collect, we’ve got an easy answer: there are no limits. FormAssembly offers unlimited form creation and response collection. All that’s left for you to worry about is which plan works best for your organization.

Does FormAssembly offer any benefits for nonprofit customers?

Absolutely! We recognize that the important work of nonprofits is often carried out on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice efficiency or productivity. If you’re a prospective nonprofit customer, don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive a 30% discount on annual subscriptions or a 20% discount on month-to-month Professional and Premier subscriptions.

My team needs a web form solution, but we need help with form creation. Do I have any options for enhanced support?

Yes! We’re committed to providing the right path for you to get started, no matter what kind of experience you have with using web forms. FormAssembly Implementation Services can come to the rescue at any stage in your journey. Our expert team can help you build and create forms quickly, while offering project-based group training and support.

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