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Article:6 Takeaways From GDPR’s First Year
Author: Dom Nicastro
Website/Publication: CMSWire

Article Summary:

In the CMSWire article written by Dom Nicastro, he discusses:

  • How GDPR has allowed consumers to become more aware and educated about their privacy rights
  • Why employees and organizations are now viewing data as something to be handled responsibly
  • The lack of major enforcement of GDPR and how this will change in the near future

The Highlights:

Dom Nicastro on customers’ views about their online privacy since GDPR implementation:

“What’s happened since the law went into effect? Do citizens feel better about data protection? Unfortunately, not much and no. About 45% of EU citizens say they are very worried about their online privacy, and 51% say they are very worried about their online security, according to a SurveyMonkey survey taken earlier this month.”

Dom Nicastro on the lack of major enforcement of GDPR:

“The first big takeaway from a year of GDPR? Major enforcement hasn’t really kicked in…But don’t get too comfortable. While regulators are not issuing fines every day, at least one report says EU officials will be announcing GDPR-related enforcement actions in the coming months.”

Dom Nicastro on data privacy legislation in the U.S.:

“Large US tech firms aren’t exactly being quiet about privacy, however, according to Cedric Savarese, founder and CEO of FormAssembly. Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a column in the New York Times, ‘We think the United States would benefit from adopting its own comprehensive privacy legislation and have urged Congress to pass a federal law.’”

The article can be in found in full here.

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