[Class Recap] Form Builder 4.3-4.4 Retirement


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Earlier this year, we announced a move to retire older versions of the FormAssembly form builder, including versions 4.3-4.4. Form Builder 4.3 will be retired September 30, 2019, and Form Builder 4.4 will be retired December 31, 2019.

Katrina Garza, Director of Customer Success, and Angel Speagle, Knowledge Coordinator, are hosting a class several times throughout the year to discuss what the retirement means for current FormAssembly customers. So far, classes have been held on July 16, 2019, and September 24, 2019. If you missed these dates and want to see the class live, one more is planned this year. You can also watch the full recording of a previous class below.

Reasons for Retiring

When a change like this is in the pipeline, we know that the primary question most people ask is, “What does this mean for me?” Angel and Katrina addressed this important question and provided helpful background information concerning the reasons for retirement. These reasons include:

  • Offering a better user experience to customers
  • Streamlining documentation and support services
  • Automating bug fix releases and new feature developments

Benefits of Form Builder 5.0

While we know that changing or updating takes a bit of practice, there are several incredible features included with FormAssembly’s 5.0 version that make it a better and more advanced option. Our team has worked diligently to incorporate benefits such as:

As you’re exploring all that’s new and improved with Form Builder 5.0, make sure to leverage FormAssembly’s comprehensive help documentation for additional support. The New in Form Builder 5.0 page covers each important update and can be downloaded as a PDF for quick reference!

Tips for Testing

As we go into the steps for retirement, the FormAssembly Support team wants to help you be as prepared as possible. To get ready, there are several best practices to follow and places to check to ensure that your forms transition smoothly. As you get ready, make sure to watch for:

  • Custom code conflicts
  • Embedded form locations

Form Builder Retirement Q&A

During the broadcast, we received so many great questions about what to expect with the upcoming changes. To provide a way for you to access the information whenever you need it, we put together a complete Q&A document. You can directly download a copy here.

Key Takeaways

As we move toward retirement, we encourage you to upgrade and start testing with Form Builder 5.0 as soon as possible. If you’re on an Enterprise or Compliance plan, make sure to watch the recording for detailed steps on how to access your Admin Dashboard, clone an existing form, upgrade to 5.0, and begin testing.

After the official retirement dates for each older version of the Form Builder, you will not be able to edit any forms on older versions of the Form Builder. You will be prompted to make all changes in Form Builder 5.0.

Please reach out to Customer Support for any detailed or case-specific questions!

If you missed the broadcast or just want to review the awesome tips we shared about the FormAssembly Form Builder, make sure to watch the recording of the class today! As always, FormAssembly classes are free and open to anyone!

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