Check out the new Salesforce Connector!

We’re happy to announce that a completely revamped version of the Salesforce connector is now open to all Professional plan subscribers. The current version of the Salesforce connector will continue to work, and forms running on that connector will not be affected.
We’ve worked to make the new version of the connector more intuitive and more flexible. Here’s a quick overview of the main improvements:

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Improved User Interface

We focused a lot on making the new connector easier to understand and use quickly. We started at the very beginning of the connector, and added a second field for the Security Token. You’ll now type your password and security token in separate fields. (As always, if you’ve set the appropriate login IP range in Salesforce, there’s no need to use a security token.)
The workflow for creating objects is also, hopefully, easier. You’ll choose the object you want to create first, then map fields to that object directly, without having to choose the object type for each mapping. We’ve also ensured that the required fields for each object appear automatically, so you can be sure that you don’t miss any.
Object Selected
In addition, it is no longer necessary to reset your credentials to refresh the Salesforce schema after making edits within Salesforce. At the bottom of the connector, you’ll see a link, “Refresh Salesforce schema.” Clicking this will reload the schema and make your changes visible in the connector.

Improved lookup and deduplication abilities

We’ve added a powerful lookup functionality. You can search for a record based on any field, with a number of different operators (equals, not equals, less than, greater than, and more). The connector can then execute different actions based on the result of the lookup.
Update Existing Record
For instance, you may want to create a Contact record only if an Account exists for the given Company name, or create a Lead otherwise. This is now possible using the branching logic associated with lookups.

Better handling of object relationships

As part of the new user interface, the relationship between parent and dependent objects is now visible. The connector will help you set the relationship correctly and will maintain it even in complex situations, for instance when a repeated section is used to create several different objects.
Dependent Object Created

Support for recent Salesforce updates, like rich text fields and Salesforce Content Library

The new connector uses the latest version of the Salesforce API, so updating rich text fields and other new features like Salesforce Content is now possible.

Allows creation of multiple records of a same object

The new connector also addresses a limitation of the previous version. You can now create multiple instances of a single object without the need for a repeatable section.

We’d love to hear from you

We’ll put up a survey to get your reactions in a few days, but in the meantime, let us know if you have any problems. Also let us know if you create a setup you’re particularly proud of, or were unable to do previously. We’ll use your comments to continue to improve the connector. You can let us know in the comments, in the user forum, via Twitter, or through our contact form.

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