7 Ways Our Customer Support Team Uses FormAssembly

Blog Post- How Support Uses FA (2)

In case you didn’t know, FormAssembly uses FormAssembly. And we use it a lot. The reason we can spout all the great benefits of having a sophisticated, flexible solution for collecting and transferring data is because we use FormAssembly in every department on our team. In this post we’ll be featuring several ways our support … Read More

4 Awesome Pieces of Form Advice from 4 of Our Top Web Form Building Posts

Blog- 4 Design Tips

At FormAssembly, we don’t just help you create forms. We help you create exceptional, user-friendly, smart, and connected web forms. To help pull it all together, we’ve compiled four of our most useful web form design tips from four of our top form building posts. These are simple pieces of advice that you can use on your … Read More

3 Ways to Use FormAssembly to Keep in Touch With Customers Throughout the Lifecycle

Blog- SIT Final (2)

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking a lot on the the blog about how you can use the features of FormAssembly’s Salesforce Submit and Prefill connectors to act as a seamless replacement for Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, which is scheduled for retirement in June 2017. You might’ve noticed that we’ve covered a lot of potential … Read More