3 Ways to Use FormAssembly to Keep in Touch With Customers Throughout the Lifecycle

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Over the past few months, we’ve been talking a lot on the the blog about how you can use the features of FormAssembly’s Salesforce Submit and Prefill connectors to act as a seamless replacement for Salesforce Stay-In-Touch, which is scheduled for retirement in June 2017. You might’ve noticed that we’ve covered a lot of potential … Read More

6 Things You Can Do to Be Better Prepared for a Data Breach (Or Reduce the Likelihood of One)

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WARNING: If you haven’t read the Ponemon Institute’s recent “Fourth Annual Study: Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach?” sponsored by Experian, this information may be a bit of a shock to you. More businesses than ever have a response plan for data breaches, but there are still signs showing that businesses aren’t … Read More

Partner Highlight: Chargent, from AppFrontier

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Salesforce, Paypal, and the many other FormAssembly integrations are a key part of what makes us such a useful form solution. Today, we’re highlighting one of our great payment-related connectors that helps simplify the often complicated process of billing. Chargent, a tool by AppFrontier, is a Salesforce-embedded billing system that connects to 25 popular payment … Read More