No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA: Simpler & More Secure

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Wondering what we’ve been working on? We’re implementing Google’s reCAPTCHA for FormAssembly forms (only on Form Builder Version 4.4.0) that have CAPTCHA enabled. Here are the key benefits to users: A Reduction in Spam – reCAPTCHA is harder for robots to solve. Improved Appearance – The streamlined appearance doesn’t clash with your forms. Easier for Humans … Read More

Form Builder 4.3.0: More Powerful Labels

Form Builder Updates We’ve just released Form Builder version 4.3.0! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new: Add links to field labels Use images in place of radio buttons and checkboxes Improved responsiveness across devices Clear formatting tool To use these new features and improvements, upgrade your existing forms to Form Builder version 4.3.0. When … Read More

New Form Builder 4.2.0 and Stripe Forms: Collect Payments with Stripe

Payments by Stripe You can now create Stripe forms and collect payments with Stripe! Stripe is a powerful payment gateway that you can use to collect credit card payments. It’s easy, secure, and pairs beautifully with FormAssembly forms. Connect your order forms, donation forms, event reservations, and invoices to Stripe. Deborah Kim Deborah is Creative … Read More