4 Awesome Pieces of Form Advice from 4 of Our Top Web Form Building Posts

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At FormAssembly, we don’t just help you create forms. We help you create exceptional, user-friendly, smart, and connected web forms. To help pull it all together, we’ve compiled four of our most useful web form design tips from four of our top form building posts. These are simple pieces of advice that you can use on your … Read More

Partner Highlight: Chargent, from AppFrontier

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Salesforce, Paypal, and the many other FormAssembly integrations are a key part of what makes us such a useful form solution. Today, we’re highlighting one of our great payment-related connectors that helps simplify the often complicated process of billing. Chargent, a tool by AppFrontier, is a Salesforce-embedded billing system that connects to 25 popular payment … Read More