Collect Chargent Payments with FormAssembly

You can now collect Chargent payments with your FormAssembly forms! It’s an awesome way to integrate your credit card payment forms with Salesforce. Create donation forms, event reservations, order forms, appointment bookings, and much more. With our Chargent integration, you can process one-time and recurring credit card payments. It’s super easy, and your transactions will … Read More

Collect Stripe AND PayPal Payments With One Form

Now that FormAssembly has added Stripe integration, it’s easier than ever to add Stripe payment options to your forms. But what if you want to give your users a choice between PayPal payments or credit card payments through Stripe, all within a single form? With a setup like this, your respondents who feel more comfortable using PayPal have … Read More

New Form Builder 4.2.0 and Stripe Forms: Collect Payments with Stripe

Payments by Stripe You can now create Stripe forms and collect payments with Stripe! Stripe is a powerful payment gateway that you can use to collect credit card payments. It’s easy, secure, and pairs beautifully with FormAssembly forms. Connect your order forms, donation forms, event reservations, and invoices to Stripe. Deborah Kim Deborah is Creative … Read More

New: Accept eChecks with the Authorize.Net Connector

Now, on the Enterprise Plan, you can accept eCheck payments with the Authorize.Net Connector! An eCheck payment is a direct bank transfer through an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. With Authorize.Net, you’ll be able to accept eChecks for U.S. banks. Please note that eChecks are for U.S. transactions only, and you must apply to accept … Read More