CAS Authenticated Web Forms


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Now, you can create CAS authenticated web forms with FormAssembly Enterprise.
CAS, or Central Authentication System, is a single-sign on (SSO) authentication system. Many organizations use CAS so people don’t have to provide their credentials multiple times. Instead, users can log into the system just once for organization-wide authentication.

Why are CAS authenticated web forms useful?

When you connect FormAssembly to your CAS system, you can set up who has access to a web form. This ensures that only the appropriate people will view and fill out your form. For example, if you’re a university, you could set up a survey for incoming freshmen, versus an event registration form for faculty. And if an authorized respondent has already logged in with single sign on authentication, she won’t have to take any extra steps to view the form. Learn more about how to set up CAS authentication.
You can also prefill FormAssembly forms with CAS data pulled directly from your system. Automatic prefilling will save your users valuable time and improve your completion rate, since it helps with the heavy lifting and makes a web form easier to fill out.

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