CapsuleCRM Integration – Capture new Leads with a Web Form

The folks over at CapsuleCRM have certainly been making a big splash recently! Since they’ve rebranded from Javelin and gotten on Google Apps, we’ve had a surge of interest from users in how to hook their FormAssembly web forms into CapsuleCRM for all the CRM goodness you could want.
web forms for capsuleCRM

Like many CRM tools, Capsule provides you with a pretty generic Web-to-Lead form – so let’s see how we can replace it with a FormAssembly form and still get your leads sent to CapsuleCRM.
1. Let’s grab a CapsuleCRM Form Key: Log into your CapsuleCRM account, go to Settings – Integration and Website Contact Form Integration. Make a note of the Form Key value – we’ll need it later. You can disregard the remaining instructions on that page.
capsuleCRM web form key
2. Open the CapsuleCRM Contact Form template in our Form Builder. You may remove fields you don’t need, or just click save and head to the Connectors tab to finalize the setup. Click “configure” next to “HTTP Connector”
3. In the connector setup screen, enter the Form Key (from step 1.), set the “run mode” to “interactive” at the top of the screen, and save.
capsuleCRM web form key formAssembly connector
There is no step 4!  Your FormAssembly web form is now integrated with CapsuleCRM.  Any new lead submissions that come into your FormAssembly form will automatically be sent into your CapsuleCRM account as new leads.
Note: Integration with CapsuleCRM requires a FormAssembly Professional account.

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