3 FormAssembly-Salesforce Features to Ask Us About at Southeast Dreamin’ 2019


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If you’re headed to Southeast Dreamin’ 2019, March 21-22 in Atlanta, you’re going to want to make a stop at FormAssembly’s booth. Almost any company in the Salesforce community can benefit from FormAssembly’s seamless Salesforce integration that makes it possible to send data collected through web forms to Salesforce to create and update records for ANY object, standard or custom. Of course, that’s far from the only thing you can do with FormAssembly’s Salesforce Salesforce integration.
Whether you’re headed to Southeast Dreamin’ 2019 or any of the other Salesforce Dreamin’ events that we’ll be attending this year, make sure to ask us about these key features that can take your data collection to unlimited heights.

1. Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

We take care to align our platform with the way you use Salesforce, and continually innovate our offerings for Salesforce customers. One recent example of that is the release of Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, a feature that allows Enterprise and Compliance Cloud users to add drop-down menus to your forms that pull options straight from Salesforce picklists or lookup results.

2. Salesforce Import Tool

If you use FormAssembly and you don’t know about the Salesforce Import Tool, this is a feature you’re definitely going to want to check out and/or ask us about at Southeast Dreamin’ 2019. With the Salesforce Import Tool, you can quickly make and publish a form based on any object in Salesforce. Once you’re done, you’ll have a fully functioning, Salesforce-connected form that you can either use right away, or customize further.

3. Unlimited Salesforce Connectors

FormAssembly is unlimited in so many ways. One key example is the ability to add unlimited Salesforce connectors—in a single form! That means that if you need to send data collected through a form to Salesforce in multiple different ways, you can do that with FormAssembly. For example, maybe you have a form that requires some submissions to be sent to your marketing department, others to be sent to your HR department, and still others to be sent to sales. With FormAssembly you can add multiple connectors for multiple departments to make sure data goes exactly where it needs to go, and the right people are notified. In addition, having multiple small connectors as opposed to one large, complex connector, makes managing and updating a form’s connector configuration a much simpler, more organized process.

Let’s Connect at Salesforce Dreamin’ Events!

Beyond just these three features, there are tons more great reasons to use FormAssembly. Learn more when you chat with us at Southeast Dreamin’ 2019! Get more information about where we’ll be on our landing page.

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