Autocomplete Addresses with Postcode Anywhere


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If you’ve asked for mailing addresses on a web form, you’re probably familiar with the errors and typos that go along with address collection. Checking the data for accuracy and proper formatting can eat up a lot of time and resources. Not to mention that your respondents need to spare some of their own time to type in an address, and they might drop out if the form doesn’t make it easy.
That’s why Postcode Anywhere is a great add-on to your FormAssembly form. You can both validate and autocomplete addresses.
That means improved usability for your forms, which leads to increased engagement and conversion rates. Respondents can fill out an address in just a few seconds. Plus, you won’t have to check and scrub the data manually β€” Postcode Anywhere will do that for you.
To get started, sign up for a Postcode Anywhere account and add a new Capture+ lookup. In FormAssembly, copy and paste the provided JavaScript snippet into the Custom Code section of your form, then follow the steps from Postcode Anywhere to finish the setup. It’s super easy, and you’ll be done in a couple minutes β€” the code will start working right away!
Note: This integration works on all FormAssembly accounts, even the free Starter Plan.

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