Salesforce AppExchange AppStack Webinar Features FormAssembly


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In early May 2018, the Salesforce AppExchange hosted an informative AppStack webinar in which customers shared their favorite Salesforce applications in the form of app stacks. The AppStack webinars occur regularly and are designed to showcase how real Salesforce customers are using apps to their full potential to solve real-life problems.
In the May 2 webinar, FormAssembly was featured as a favorite app for GDPR support requests and for tracking data submissions. Ian Gotts, Founder & CEO of FormAssembly partner, shared important GDPR information and highlighted the unique benefits of using FormAssembly.

What’s an AppStack?

An AppStack is simply a sampling of apps that Salesforce users implement regularly. The apps are broken down into categories such as Sales, Customer Service, Finance, and many more. Building an AppStack is simple and allows users to see other customers’ favorite solutions.

GDPR Recap

During the webinar, Ian Gotts provided a brief overview of GDPR regulations, which went into effect on May 25, 2018. If a company or organization handles data on users within the EU, they must comply with the GDPR.
“GDPR is about allowing customers to control their data, and forcing organizations to have transparency about what is done with that data,” Gotts shared.
Gotts also highlighted the benefits of more stringent GDPR regulations, including the ability to connect more closely with smaller, more engaged groups of customers. Additionally, businesses who implement the GDPR well can use their compliance as a competitive advantage with future clients seeking GDPR-compliant solutions to their needs.

FormAssembly’s Role

According to Gotts, due to the all-encompassing nature of GDPR requirements, there is not a single app that covers all compliance issues. There are, however, beneficial tools such as FormAssembly that can help tackle certain aspects of GDPR compliance.
Gotts highlighted FormAssembly as a managed method of tracking GDPR support requests. FormAssembly helps alleviate the burden of users emailing or bombarding a company’s “Contact Us” form with GDPR support requests. By using FormAssembly, organizations can populate objects within Salesforce as a way to track whether GDPR requests have been satisfied within 30 days.
“I love the FormAssembly use case. There are so many people that already have FormAssembly that are already using it for different data collection aspects. This is a really easy to way to build on a tool that you already have and help bring your company into compliance,” said Geraldine Gray, CEO and Principal Consultant, at Endiem.
FormAssembly is also incredibly useful in capturing subscriptions, building data permissions, and tracking consent. Data permissions are created in a variety of ways, such as when an individual signs a contract, registers for a conference, or subscribes to a website. As an organization, it’s critical to track these permissions in one place in order to maintain compliance.
“When you think about web to lead, it’s no longer web to lead. It’s web to lead and data permission. FormAssembly has built some forms so that you can start to capture subscriptions, but that the same time, it creates those data permissions,” Gotts said.
Learn more about Elements.Cloud and their Data Privacy Manager solution for GDPR.

Watch the Webinar

Interested in learning more about app stacks and finding out which applications are the best for maintaining GDPR compliance? Be sure to check out the full recording to hear more thoughts about FormAssembly as an ideal GDPR solution.

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