Announcing the Prefilling Connector: Prefill Forms with Salesforce Data

Please Note: This blog post is out of date. Read about our Prefill Connector.

We’ve got a brand-new Salesforce Prefill Connector! We’re rolling it out to all Enterprise customers in the next few days.
Sure, you could prefill forms with the Professional Plan + Salesforce Connector — BUT the data gets passed through the URL, so you get (a) limited data and (b) unwieldy links.
Instead, with the Prefill Connector, you can use a single parameter in the link and pull data dynamically from Salesforce to prefill your form.
That means:

  • Shorter links
  • Fresh data each time the form’s displayed
  • Easier setup
  • More power to pull data from multiple Salesforce records

Better stay-in-touch forms

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you want to send emails to contacts, asking them to update their contact info. Salesforce has that feature, but the update form isn’t very flexible: you can’t customize the branding, and you can’t add different fields.
That’s where the Prefill Connector comes in. You can build the form however you like, since we support all kinds of fields. And the branding’s all yours.
Here’s how it works:

  1. You email your Salesforce contacts. In the email is a link to the Update form.
  2. A contact (let’s call her Emily) reads the email and clicks the link.
  3. As Emily opens the Update form, the form pulls Emily’s contact info from Salesforce and prefills the form. Emily sees her contact info and updates her mailing address.
  4. Emily presses the “Submit” button, and the form automatically updates her contact info in Salesforce.

The form pulls data from Salesforce AND sends it right back.

Awesome. How do I get started?

Read more about the Salesforce Prefill Connector or talk to us!

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