Amp Up Your Design and Style with the CSS Guide


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So you want your forms to look awesome.
You can use the Theme Editor for that, but let’s say you want to target a specific question. Or you can’t find Theme Editor options for the kinds of styles and effects that you want to add to your form.
Here’s a tip: You can plug in your custom styles into the Custom Code section! But wait. You’re not a programmer or a developer? And you have no clue what goes in that box?
Well, we’ve got great news for you. We just updated the Custom CSS guide in the Knowledge Base.
CSS is magical code that you can use to change the look and feel of your form. You can get super specific with the customization.
In the guide, you’ll find an introduction to CSS, plus code examples and β€” most importantly! β€” a list of the form elements you can style on any FormAssembly form. And there’s also handy screenshots to give you a visual idea of what exactly your styles will affect.
For instance, you can customize:

  • The entire body of the form
  • Question labels
  • Matrix layouts
  • Hints

If you’ve got any CSS tips and tricks to share, please pass them along to [email protected], tweet @FormAssembly, or leave a comment here!

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