Add Formulas with the Smart HTML Editor


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Many of you have requested a better, easier way to add formulas to your form settings, so we’ve been working to improve how you can create and test formulas for dynamic processing. It’s a multi-step rollout, and we’re happy to introduce the first new feature!
In the Notifications tab, Display Options tab, and some connector configuration pages, you’ll find an improved HTML editor where you can directly pick and choose the fields, aliases, and functions available for your form. No longer do you need to consult a separate page, or write them from scratch!
In some places, you won’t see the inline editor, but you can click the Functions icon to open the editor, like so:
Learn more about the formula editor and how it can help you add formulas.

What’s next

You can look forward to a syntax checker and highlighter so it’s easier to build and edit formulas.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to get your feedback on how the improved editor is working for you. Share your thoughts in a comment below or tweet @FormAssembly!

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