A New Take on Web Form Building – Part 1.

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements.

This is the first post in a series covering our new Web Form Builder.
The new interface is a radical departure from the previous version, but it’s simple, intuitive, and very easy to learn. Let’s start with the basics: Adding form fields and editing field labels – in 60 seconds.

The “Add Content” menu [1] lists everything you need to build a form.
The preview area [2] is where you lay out your content and do most of the editing.
When a form element is selected for editing, a floating toolbar [3] appears, giving access to basic formatting options. You can edit text directly, and when finished, another click anywhere on the screen will apply your changes and remove the toolbar.
Here’s a short screencast showing things in motion.

We have much more to show you, so check out Part 2 – Access and Editing Field Properties.

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