A Flexible New Way to Integrate with Other Apps and Services

If you’re on our Enterprise Plan, we’ve got a whole new Connector tab for you. It may take some getting used to, and we understand that it might be an inconvenience.
So, why the big change?

We’ve made it more powerful.
You’re no longer restricted to just one configuration for a given connector. You can use a connector in multiple ways and run a connector multiple times.
There wasn’t any way we could retrofit these turbocharged features to the current Connector tab. So we designed a new system: the timeline and the connector stacks.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!
We welcome your feedback. We’re going to keep working on the Connector tab until it’s as easy and fluid as possible, and we’d love your help.

Are you on the Pro Plan?
It’s headed your way in 2013. Watch for more announcements!

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