8 Things Salesforce Admins Love About FormAssembly

We could talk about FormAssembly’s awesome features all day, but sometimes the best people to tell you about FormAssembly are the ones using it day in and day out for their organizations. In this blog post, hear from three Salesforce pros on what they love about our multi-featured form building solution. (Some features are so popular, you’ll see them mentioned more than once!) Who knows, you might just uncover your favorite new reason to use FormAssembly!

Gorav Seth

Salesforce Platform Manager, Ashoka – Innovators for the Public

Connectors, Connectors, Connectors

The top three things are the connectors, the connectors, the connectors – both the regular and pre-fill. I have not seen anything that compares. In fact they do some things that I don’t even understand how they pull it off (they don’t seem to trigger non-selective query errors, which is obscure but very challenging in large data environments, and we have other apps that do trigger those).
The Salesforce Prefill Connector provides a lot of flexibility for both internal and external use cases. We use it in our onboarding process to pull in information so managers do not have to enter it manually, and so they can submit without logging into Salesforce.

The Stripe Connector

The stripe connector is great for simple paid events or one-time transactions.


I think it’s reasonable, especially as we are pretty heavy users. There is a nonprofit discount, and there are no limits on number of forms or number of responses. Most other form tools treat responses like razor blades. With FormAssembly, the blades are included. (See FormAssembly Pricing.)

Christine Chapa

Salesforce Admin, Congregation Emanu-El

Time Savings from the Salesforce Connector

I love the FA/SFDC connector because it saves our users tons of time each week. In one click Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaign Members, and other custom records are created, making it possible for staff to focus on more enjoyable projects instead of data entry.
For example, when preschool registration comes around, it typically takes one staff member a minimum of two weeks to process all the paper applications we receive. This year we’re implementing online registration with FormAssembly and couldn’t be more excited. It’s going to be smart! The Salesforce Connector enables us to prefill the form with data, thus reducing the amount of time parents spend submitting the form. Plus, I just discovered conditional notifications – these are a game-changer! With conditional notifications, I can now make sure the correct teacher receives the information they need as the form is submitted. #MindBlown!

Eliminating Human Error

While the Salesforce Connector saves our staff from manual data entry, it also makes my life easier by reducing the amount of “dirty data” in Salesforce. Since staff are no longer adding data into Salesforce, we’ve eliminated the risk of human error. And thanks to form validation rules and customizable skip/create record conditions in the Salesforce Connector, we have control over how and if data gets mapped into Salesforce. The response log and timeline provides a complete picture of how the Salesforce Connector creates records in the CRM.


And lastly, as a solo admin, the documentation, free online webinars, and FA support have been invaluable. These resources have helped me learn the ins and outs of the FormAssembly/Salesforce integration and have come to the rescue when I’m stuck troubleshooting an issue. Even after using the tools for three years, I’m still discovering new features that save our Salesforce users time and create a more enjoyable online experience for our customers. Thanks FA!

Billy Daly

Systems Design Manager, Baltimore Corps

Custom Code and Calculations

Two often overlooked features that place FormAssembly head-and-shoulders above the other form solutions on the market are the ability to apply calculations to certain fields and to extend basic functionality with custom code. Through the combination of these features we’ve been able to build our entire fellowship application process around FormAssembly, creating dynamic links to different sections of the application, displaying information we want applicants to see but not edit, and changing or hiding certain certain content depending on their status. Without FormAssembly, we’d have to spend a lot more time and money developing a system to capture even part of the functionality provided by a few forms and some custom code. (Please note: FormAssembly does not offer support for custom code.)

Salesforce Connectors

It’s no exaggeration when I say that just about every aspect of Baltimore Corps’ internal and external systems depend on FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connectors. The ability to retrieve data from Salesforce, display and modify that data within a form, then send it back to update and create new records in our instance has completely transformed the way we recruit, select, and evaluate both our partners and our staff. Plus, the ability to do all of these things with a easy drag-and-drop interface allows me to spend less time debugging old solutions and more time designing new ones. I wouldn’t be nearly as effective in my role without FormAssembly.

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