6 Expert Conference Tips from Dreamforce Veterans

FormAssembly has had a presence at Dreamforce for years, and we’ve gained quite a lot of knowledge about the conference over time. From three of our Directors, here’s some valuable advice on enjoying the conference and making it worth your time.

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Ashley McAlpin

Director of Marketing


What’s your favorite part of Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is definitely a whirlwind! I would say my favorite part of the experience is getting to meet and chat with customers. It’s amazing to hear how much our customers value us and our solution. We talk about it all of the time, but those brand advocates are really what make FormAssembly the company that we are—and getting to meet and engage with them is unreal!

What do you wish you knew as a Dreamforce first-timer that you know now?

Oh goodness, I wish I would have known just how crazy the event is! I spent so much time talking and getting to know our customers and partners that I lost my voice two days before the end of the event! I mean, LOST. I couldn’t make any sounds. I wish I would have known to stay hydrated and keep cough drops on hand.

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Hillary Sciscoe

Customer Development Representative


What’s the one thing someone should never forget to do at Dreamforce?

Write everything down! From the people you’d like to chat with after the conference to new ideas and processes you’d like to revisit. Dreamforce is pretty fast-paced. I can barely seem to wrap up one thought or convo before another is starting. Meaningful notes to follow up with will go a long way!

What are your top three ways to guarantee a productive conference?

1. Immerse yourself in meeting people face to face. We interact through written word so much that we don’t often think of the people at the other end as human. Take time to visit the booths of apps you use, meet new people that have similar jobs as you, and get to know your teammates in a more personal light!
2. Learn about something new. There are so many opportunities to learn about something or listen to a discussion off your normal selection. Dig in and soak up some new ideas!
3. Bring the right supplies. I’m all about comfort, so I definitely have to recommend supportive shoes. I also make sure to take lavender oil, hand sanitizer, and some ibuprofen, too! 🙂

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Jaret Manuel

Director of Partnerships & Strategic Alliances


What are your tips for staying cool and collected with so much going on?

Consume plenty of water throughout the day and evening, don’t break in your new dancing shoes at Dreamforce (or any footwear for that matter), and have some fun along the way. San Francisco is a fantastic place to walk or run so getting some exercise in is a good idea, too.

What was the single, best moment you had at a past Dreamforce conference and why?

This is a tough one to answer. There are too many positive experiences, awesome concerts, and memories ranging from Cedric and I going by foot a couple times with us having no booth a few years back, to a team with a few people and one booth, and customer fanfare. Fast forward to this year, we have eight people attending and two booths. We’ve come a long way and I am really proud of our team.

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