Section 508 Compliant Web Forms for Accessibility


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Section 508 Compliant Web Forms
Did you know that FormAssembly forms are Section 508 compliant? If you’re a nonprofit, school, or government organization, this is great news: you don’t have to worry about the accessibility and usability of your web forms. FormAssembly takes care of it for you.

What are Section 508 compliant web forms?

Section 508 compliance means respondents with disabilities can read and fill out FormAssembly forms. We’ve designed FormAssembly web forms to be accessible through assistive technology. For example:

  • Alternative text is provided for all non-text elements, so screen readers can identify all parts of a FormAssembly form.
  • Forms are readable without stylesheets.
  • An audio alternative for CAPTCHAs are available.

The technical standards for Section 508 compliance are defined in Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36, Part 1194. You can find more details in our Compliance Statement and Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.
Questions? Email us at helpdesk@formassemblycom, tweet @FormAssembly, or comment here.

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