5 Ways to Use FormAssembly for Events


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One of the things customers love most about FormAssembly is the versatility of our product, and we’re always exploring new and creative ways to use form features. Because organizations in all industries plan many types of events year round, we want to showcase how FormAssembly can be used as an event prep tool. Even our own sales and marketing teams love using FormAssembly to get ready for upcoming events! Learn more in our list of six ways to use FormAssembly for events.

1. Pardot Integration

FormAssembly’s Pardot Integration is one way to ensure that information about potential leads flows directly through your marketing automation system to Salesforce. The HTTPS Connector allows form submissions to push to Pardot Form Handlers, in turn allowing data to flow seamlessly into Pardot. Prior to an event, you can use this data to update lead fields and trigger automations, such as email or advertising campaigns. As prospects submit information through forms, the Pardot integration ensures that those leads are captured and sent to the appropriate lists or workflows. This information helps event staff arrive prepared with the best data available.

If your organization uses Pardot to set up landing pages, you can also place FormAssembly forms directly to your Pardot page. This is a great way to collect information from potential attendees, schedule meet-up time slots, and even offer small incentives like downloads or pre-conference materials.

2. Prefill Connector

FormAssembly’s Prefill Connector is another great way to update your contacts as you’re sending emails about events. The Prefill Connector allows for shorter links and fresh, current data each time a form is populated, making it a great tool for lead-facing contact forms. As your team heads to an event, you may want to ensure that you know whether your contact’s job title or company has changed since the last time you connected. By sending out a simple contact form, the Prefill Connector saves time by preserving accurate information, and quickly updating outdated information directly to Salesforce. On the user-facing side, submissions become one-click and save ample time, while ensuring accurate data.

3. Multiple Publishing Options

FormAssembly gives you several different publishing options for getting your forms up and running to collect information before events. Based on your organization’s needs, you can completely customize how to publish and edit your forms once they’re live.

A FormAssembly form is easy and fast if you’re in a hurry, and the public link always directs respondents to the most updated form version. Alternatively, you can use embedded HTML to make very specific changes to your form, or you can use an iFrame to protect a form’s CSS from the CSS of a parent site. If your organization uses a WordPress plug-in, you can have your form appear as part of a page, and you don’t have to push updates even if changes are made in the Form Builder.

With a variety of publishing options available, FormAssembly ensures that any member of your team can efficiently create well-designed and readily-accessible forms prior to events.

4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

FormAssembly offers the ExactTarget/Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector. This feature provides the perfect means for creating new subscribers to boost and support your marketing needs. Once new records are in place, you can assign new users to customizable lists, while sending data to your extensions at the same time.
With FormAssembly’s Marketing Cloud connector, you can also create, update, and prefill records in Salesforce straight from your forms. The Marketing Cloud integration provides a great benefit to marketing and sales teams both before and after events, as they can easily connect or follow-up with new connections.

5. Several Payment Options

Does your organization need to collect payments before or during an event? You might be offering a registration upgrade or selling merchandise and need to easily collect payment from program participants. FormAssembly makes the process easy with several different payment connectors to choose from, based on your needs and plan level. Payment information can easily be populated to Salesforce, and you can rest assured that your all payment data is secure and protected.

Are you looking to connect with FormAssembly at upcoming events? Be sure to keep an eye on our main Events page to see where our team is headed next and how you can get in touch!

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