5 Sessions You Can’t Miss at TrailheaDX 2018


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Are you going to TrailheaDX? We are!
This key event for Salesforce developers and admins will be held March 28-29 in San Francisco, and we’re sending Peter Bernardi, Channel Solutions Engineer and Asuka Goya, Product Manager.
Check out our TrailheaDX landing page for more info (and our 10% off discount code!) and get a sense of what TrailheaDX is all about with this curated list of sessions you won’t want to miss.

1. Artificial Intelligence 101

Presenter: Sara Asher
From the session description:

“Let’s start with the basics – what actually is artificial intelligence and why is everyone talking about it? How can AI and Salesforce’s solution, Einstein, actually improve my CRM? Join us to start your journey with AI.”

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2. Catch the Release: How to Manage Salesforce’s Major Releases Year-Round

Presenter: Jacinta Burke
From the session description:

“One of the great things about Salesforce is that we are constantly introducing new and improved features. This great thing can also prove challenging, as keeping up with the latest and greatest can seem like a full-time job on its own. Join us as we discuss best practices for keeping up with changing technology and share tips to help keep you on the cutting edge of Salesforce usage.”

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3. Develop Visually Stunning Lightning Communities Across All Devices

Presenters: David Green, Shelby Hubick, Ken Hui
From the session description:

“Join us to learn how to develop the next generation of visually stunning digital experiences to connect your customers, partners, and employees. Leverage your existing HTML and CSS skills to quickly create custom themes in Lightning, extend dynamic branding functionality, and build responsive and native hybrid communities, sites and portals.”

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4. Org Security Fundamentals

Presenter: Betsy Thomas
From the session description:

“In the world of enterprise software, strong security protections are not optional. Join us as we teach you that access control features like IP range restrictions, identity confirmation, and two-factor authentication are absolutely critical to the protection of your Salesforce environment. Hear from Salesforce security engineers about how these protections work, the threats they mitigate, and the possible drawbacks. We’ll also teach you how the Security Health Check tool can give you quick insights into security best practices to your own Salesforce org.”

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5. The Process Before Process Builder: How, Why, and When to Use Salesforce

Presenters: Marc Baizman, Gillian Bruce
From the session description:

“The most important part of building with the Salesforce platform is understanding how and why to implement specific features. Join us to learn how to work with teams to understand their existing processes, identify optimization points across the organization’s lifecycle, and match business needs to technical features.”

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