5 Reasons to Use FormAssembly: Enterprise


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What’s one platform that can help you create everything from contact forms to payable invoices to entire customer portals, all with state-of-the-art features and integrations? FormAssembly: the best data collection and form creation platform available for Enterprise companies.

Prominent organizations such as Amazon, Aetna, and Maryville University trust FormAssembly to help them gather data and streamline workflows. Here are five reasons you should, too:

1. Make Simple Work of Complex Processes

You know how it goes. Your company finds a new solution to manage, organize, simplify, or process something, and at first it works great.

Then you find that the solution just adds more work for you to do, or it lacks a key functionality that has you searching for yet another tool. Then the process of researching, finding, and vetting a new solution starts all over again.

With FormAssembly Enterprise Cloud, you can combine your need for multiple solutions into one, complex platform. That means less researching, less vetting for IT, and fewer tools to juggle in your data collection process.

What do we mean by multiple solutions? Well, FormAssembly can manage:

  • Customer support forms
  • Payment forms
  • Customer account portals
  • Survey forms
  • Job applications and review forms

And that’s just a sample of all the different use cases for FormAssembly. You can find many more examples in our case study archives.

2. Lock Up Form Access With Respondent Authentication

FormAssembly is great for all types of external, public-facing forms, but it’s also fantastic for transforming internal processes (think: vacation requests, employee onboarding and training, job application reviews). When you’re using FormAssembly internally, you may need to restrict access to specific people. Your security policies might require increased safeguards to protect confidential information and ensure data privacy.

On FormAssembly Enterprise plans, you have the ability to keep internal forms secure with SAML, LDAP, CAS, and Salesforce Experience Cloud authentication. That means only the right people will be able to access your forms.

3. Simplify Everyone’s Job, from HR to IT

FormAssembly can be used in just about every department:

  • Marketing (event signup forms, eBook download pages)
  • Sales (Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms, sales contracts)
  • HR (online job applications)
  • Finance (payable invoices)

IT also benefits from an Enterprise plan with FormAssembly with administrative oversight over all forms. Not only does IT no longer have to be called in to make a simple contact form, they can easily keep an eye on what kinds of forms are being created and what kinds of permissions users have.

4. Connect Data, Get Rid of Manual Data Entry

Business moves fast, and there’s little time for manual CRM data entry from your forms, whether that means paper forms that you have to scan or transcribe into your systems or exporting information from one system and then having to import it to another.

One of FormAssembly’s strengths is the ability to connect your information with systems you use. Need to send just about any information to Salesforce? Use a FormAssembly form. You can work with both custom and standard objects and create new records or update existing ones to keep your CRM data tidy.

5. Finally Find That Personalized Data Collection Solution Your Company Needs

Think your business needs are too specific and too complex for a web form platform? You’d be surprised. FormAssembly’s Implementation Services team can tackle all kinds of procedures and simplify them with smart, user-friendly web forms. Here’s an example:

QTbreasthealth, a revolutionary breast imaging company, worked closely with FormAssembly’s Implementation Services team to launch a Salesforce-integrated patient information form that is HIPAA-compliant and user-friendly.

Implementation Services can help implement complex projects, but they can also deliver trainings to help you get up to speed with a FormAssembly account faster. Get in touch with our Implementation Services team for more information.

Interested to see if FormAssembly is right for your business? Set up a free demo today.

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