How to Comply With the 21st Century IDEA Act

The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) is a law that requires federal executive branch agencies to digitize services in order to simplify and improve the customer experience. The act is made up of several different regulations, one of which requires agencies to transition all public-facing paper forms to digital forms by December 2020.

In FormAssembly’s new eBook, How to Comply With the 21st Century IDEA Act, we explain more about this regulation and provide the steps your agency needs to take to prepare for the December form deadline. Read on for an overview of what you’ll learn in the eBook.

About the 21st Century IDEA Act

The 21st Century IDEA Act requires federal agencies to use technology in order to give citizens quick, easy, and secure access to services. By making services and processes more digital-friendly, government agencies will be able to better serve their communities.

The 21st Century IDEA Act includes a series of requirements with rolling deadlines, including:

  • Modernized, compliant websites
  • E-signature implementation
  • Streamlined customer experience
  • Centralized platforms

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, government agencies must also make all public-facing paper forms available digitally by December 20, 2020. In the eBook, we explain the steps your agency needs to take in order to successfully make this transition.

How FormAssembly can help

FormAssembly’s all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform offers a secure, streamlined solution for government data collection. By implementing our platform, your agency can prepare for the IDEA December deadline, while saving time, money, and resources on tedious paper form management.

Our Enterprise Cloud plan offers compliance with stringent data privacy laws, reliable support, extensive onboarding training, and administrative controls, making it the ideal solution for safeguarding government data. Reach out to FormAssembly today to learn more about our web form platform, and download the eBook below.

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