FormAssembly 2022 Year in Review


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2022 was a year of major improvements for FormAssembly. We rolled out our Workflow automation builder, launched a new mobile application, and updated our product launch process, all while continuously improving our existing product. 

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and highlight how our product impacted our customers, and look forward to some exciting changes in 2023.

New FormAssembly features

This wouldn’t be much of a year-end blog without us calling out the new features and functionality that we launched last year. The beginning of the year saw the release of Workflow, our automation and process builder, with a stream of updates and improvements following all year. Since its launch we’ve seen thousands of individual workflows created by FormAssembly users with more than 170,000 responses collected. With Workflow – you can easily – and visually – build and automate processes that require data collection from multiple different parties, in multiple different forms, and over multiple days. That’s a lot of time saved!

2022 also saw a bevy of improvements to our Form Builder like: Identity Management for Forms, Conditional logic, Form Audit logs, Address Autocomplete, and the addition of our Salesforce Elevate Payment Connector.

Finally, in October, we launched our brand new mobile app, FormAssembly Mobile. In that short time, we’ve seen more than 600 individuals use the app to bring their forms into the field. If you’re a FormAssembly customer, make sure your team downloads the application. We’ve got some major updates coming early in 2023 that you’ll want in your team’s hands.

New launch process

Thousands of companies rely on our Platform to collect data that is vital to their success. When you play a serious role in your customers’ day-to-day operations, even minor changes to their processes can cause issues. That’s why we adopted a quarterly launch cycle to bring consistency and predictability to our software updates. We’ve also implemented an internal process for minor updates – like bug fixes – to be released each Wednesday for predictable updates for our customers.

Now, FormAssembly customers can expect clear communication of when major updates will roll out to the Platform, along with time to prepare for any changes that new features will bring. Our next launch will be the week of January 17th, with communications coming in the first weeks of the year, so keep an eye on your inbox for more information!

A look ahead

Along with our quarterly launches we have some exciting changes planned for 2023. We’ll be updating our subscription offerings to better fit the needs of our customers, adding exciting new features including better controls for administrators, and we’ll continue to support the security and compliance capabilities that make FormAssembly the ideal data-collection platform for security-conscious organizations.

If you’d like to see FormAssembly in action or discuss the current capabilities of the Platform, schedule a demo! If you’re a current customer and are interested in previews of new features, apply to join our VIP group. Aside from the latest intel on product changes, you’ll gain access to a Slack community of FormAssembly users to network, ask questions, and influence the future of the FormAssembly product.

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