Fun From Afar: Recapping FormAssembly’s 2021 Virtual Reunion


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Our company has been a remote-first company since the beginning. To stay connected, we always take a week out of each year to bring the team together so we can know each other better and participate in team building activities. While these yearly reunions have historically taken place in person with everyone on the team traveling to a particular location, we’ve had to get creative since the pandemic began. Last year, we held our first-ever virtual all-team reunion, and this year, we met up again online to enjoy a week of craft workshops, cooking classes, games, and more. 

Planning for the 2021 virtual reunion

Our Field Marketing Manager, Hayley McNitt, and her team, worked diligently to plan and organize a fun-filled virtual reunion for this year. Using FormAssembly web forms, they built and designed a Reunion Activity Registration Form that provided a list of activities for each day of the reunion. Team members could easily select an activity from each day that interested them as well as provide shipping information for activity kits. Then, taking this information, the Field Marketing team organized a spreadsheet so each team member (regardless of location or time zone) could easily view and attend their activities for the week.

Day 1

We kicked off the first day of our virtual reunion with a motivational keynote from guest speaker, Rennie Curran, a former professional athlete and CEO of Game Changer Coaching. He inspired the company by speaking about how each team member could use their mission to elevate their vision and teamwork. 

During the rest of the day, team members broke out into different activities of their choice which included a drawing class, a murder mystery, a terrarium-building wokshop, a hot-sauce making workshop, a wine and beer tasting, and a holiday cocktail making class.

Team members showed off their green thumbs during the terrarium workshop:

Team members spiced things up during the hot sauce making workshop:

Team members got festive during the holiday cocktails workshop:

Day 2

Continuing with a list of fun events to wrap up the week, team members made homemade donuts in baking class, learned fun new ways to brew coffee, and competed in trivia game rooms before ending the day with a white elephant gift exchange.

Team members toasted with their favorite mugs during the coffee workshop:

Team members demonstrated their artistic skills during donut making class:

Team members celebrated a fun time in the trivia game room:

Day 3

The third day of the virtual reunion got the company into the creative and crafty spirit with chunky blanket knitting, smartphone photography, and gingerbread making. Between crafts and our annual state of the company meeting, team members took a moment to breathe during desk yoga and tested their quick-thinking abilities and teamwork in virtual escape rooms.

Team members shared their handmade blankets during chunky knitting class:

Team members put their construction skills to the test during the gingerbread house activity:

Day 4

On the fourth day of the reunion, some members of the team tested their strength and endurance during live boxing class while others tested their creativity during watercolor painting, cooking, and baking classes. The day ended with a company-wide talent show where several of our talented team members impressed viewers by playing instruments, singing, sharing jokes, and doing magic card tricks.

Team members make mouth-watering cinnamon rolls during baking class:

Team members let their creativity flow during watercolor class:

Team members went back to the basics and made pasta from scratch in cooking class:

Day 5

To wrap up this year’s virtual reunion, we enjoyed a day of unique workshops, including homemade cheese making, a pottery workshop, and holiday brain games. Mixed in with the hands-on activities, the team joined in on two soothing meditation sessions that were a big hit!

Team members showcased fancy homemade ricotta from cheese making class:

Team members drew inspiration from nature during the pottery workshop:

Team members gave their analytical side a workout during holiday brain games:

Celebrating outstanding team members at The Formies

The final day of our 2021 virtual reunion concluded with FormAssembly’s first ever awards ceremony, The Formies. As a company, we’re dedicated to upholding our core values in order to better serve each other and our customers. This year, our Talent & Culture team was pleased to present “people’s choice” awards as voted for by members of the company. The winning team members were recognized for embodying our company’s core values over the past year. Winners of this year’s Formie Awards included:

  • Melony Hypes, Manager of Customer Support
  • Asuka Goya, Product Manager
  • Liz Swartsel Miner, Product Manager
  • Sean Bartosewcz, Product Owner
  • Katrina Garza, VP of Customer Success and Support Services
  • Kayla Condello, Knowledge and Training Manager

Additionally, each department was able to present awards for their team members. Some of these fun awards included “Duct Tape Master” (Pratik Paun, Partner Account Manager), “Most Miles Traveled in a Year” (Seychelle Sketchley-Brown, Account Executive), “Most Accomplished Food Critic” (CJ Odina, Product Engineer), and “Usain Bolt” (Peter Loh, IT Security Engineer).

Ending the year stronger than ever

As we wrapped up our virtual reunion and 2021 comes to a close, we’re excited for the opportunity to grow and strengthen as a team in preparation for FormAssembly’s biggest year yet. To learn more about our company or to apply to become part of the team, check out our culture page below.

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