11 Reasons to Use FormAssembly to Collect and Manage Your Data


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No matter where you work, you navigate processes, data, and organizational hurdles that interfere with achieving business goals every day. The good news is, there’s a solution that can save time, reduce manual data entry, and transfer information safely to the many different programs you use.

FormAssembly is the all-in-one web form builder and data collection platform. It’s powerful, customizable, and flexible enough to handle all of the form creation and data collection needs of organizations in all industries, for a wide range of use cases. In this blog, we’ve compiled 11 reasons why customers love using FormAssembly to improve their organization’s workflow on a daily basis.

1. Customers love our Customer Success Team

It isn’t often that you hear people talk about how much they love technical support. But we frequently receive rave reviews about our Customer Success Team on social media, at tradeshows, by email, and more. We have earned our positive reputation by providing prompt and friendly issue resolution for all of our customers. The skill and speed of our Customer Success Team helps our customers avoid any lulls in productivity as they continue to meet internal deadlines and goals.

How do we create a support team that our customers love? It’s all about finding the right people and taking the time to train them. Our in-depth training process covers all aspects of FormAssembly and gives new employees experience on the backend and user side of our tool. On a daily basis, our support team stays in constant communication. This collaboration helps us find the best, fastest solutions to your questions.

At FormAssembly you won’t get generic support. You’ll get attentive, friendly assistance from a team who uses our solution themselves—every day.

Customer Story:

Getting acclimated to FormAssembly was a fairly quick process for The Spark Program. But in the event of needing extra help, Michael Kolodner, Director of Information Systems, shared that the FormAssembly Customer Success Team has always been available for quick responses. When a certain form field was giving him confusing results, he contacted our team for a solution.

“Support pounded away at it for several days, and we got there. I really appreciate that and was really pleased that I was able to get that level of support,” Kolodner said.

2. We’re obsessed with data security

The reality of the need for increasingly sophisticated data security isn’t lost on us. Customers use FormAssembly forms to collect a wide variety of data types, ranging from non-sensitive information to highly sensitive PHI. We take security very seriously, and we have dozens of measures in place to ensure that we keep our customers, their stakeholders, and their data safe:

  • Vendor Selection: We identify and work with trustworthy partners by adhering to a strict vendor evaluation process.
  • Data Access: By default, we do not allow customer data access, and we avoid the possibility of a customer privacy breach by only allowing access to customer data on an as-needed basis and only with prior customer consent.
  • Employee Training: Every new FormAssembly employee is trained on security and privacy and is required to sign a security training completion statement. Training is ongoing, and we specifically stress secure coding practices for our developers.
  • Third-Party Audits: We hire third-party auditors to audit our policies and procedures and perform penetration tests.
  • Software: We use sophisticated software that identifies potential vulnerabilities through static and dynamic source code analysis.
  • GDPR/HIPAA Compliance, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification: Our robust security practices satisfy the requirements of multiple regulatory standards, including the GDPR, CCPA, and PCI DSS Level 1. Each plan includes encryption at rest and in transit. Our Compliance Cloud plan is HIPAA compliant, includes advanced security and privacy controls, and starts with security-focused onboarding.
  • Backup and Data Retention: All backups are encrypted with a strict retention policy.
  • Dedicated ISO and Security Management Team: This team uses various automated tools and manual penetration and scanning tools to keep on top of vulnerability management and malicious activity. We also use a bug bounty program to stay aware of any potential security vulnerabilities.

Customer Story:

Clients large and small trust FormAssembly and our excellent uptime to transmit data securely. Adam Smeets, Director of University Information Systems for Dominican University, noted that FormAssembly’s high security standards give his team peace of mind that confidential information stays safe and secure.

“For example, students who want to apply to be teaching assistants in the classroom—that data needs to be secure. With FormAssembly, security is clearly defined and protected, specifically with the data we’re collecting and storing,” Smeets said.

3. We offer unparalleled, seamless Salesforce integration

Our Salesforce Connector allows you to automatically send just about any information into Salesforce with a few quick setup steps. With our Web-to-Anything capabilities, users can add leads, update contacts, prefill forms from Salesforce, attach files to Salesforce records, send data to standard and custom objects, and so much more.

This connector helps businesses eliminate the need to manually add and update information in Salesforce. This reduces the risk of human errors and complications with duplicate information. With FormAssembly, data goes where it’s supposed to, and it can stay updated with a few clicks in the Salesforce Connector.

Customer Story:

Many of our customers use FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connector to power all kinds of processes. Maryville University uses the connector for student information requests, enrollment processes, admission decision forms, and more. FormAssembly’s Salesforce Connector has simplified processes for staff at Maryville University while simultaneously improving the student experience.

“We all know how important it is to keep CRM data clean, and FormAssembly has helped us in this effort. We’ve automated and standardized much of the data input into our CRM (Salesforce) through forms, while making the experience easier for our users and prospective students.” –Brian Heger, Associate Director of Communications, Office of Admissions, Maryville University

4. FormAssembly helps you get IT on your side

Which department is tasked with keeping your company secure and compliant? Who has to fix the problems when your data collection practices are lacking? The answer to both is IT.

With FormAssembly as a centralized data collection solution, IT can maintain much-needed oversight of the data collection process. They can also avoid the potential consequences of using multiple different methods (not all of them secure) for collecting and storing information.

Additionally, the sophistication of our security program and strength of our product allows IT to successfully conduct any security, legal, or compliance-related reviews without a hitch.

5. Replace paper forms with web forms

Countless businesses spend time and resources using paper-based processes for hiring, evaluation, training, and more. Companies may find themselves stuck using PDF forms they have to print, have manually completed, and then spend time entering the data into any given system. The costs of paper, including printing, copying, and filing, can add up over time, resulting in unnecessary, large sums of money spent.

For example, paper costs only cents per sheet, but the average employee uses 1,000 sheets a year. This in addition to other costs for paper, amounts to a big spend for companies. (Printed forms cost U.S. companies more than $120 billion annually.)

FormAssembly allows companies and departments to escape the paper prison and move to a faster, simpler, more elegant form solution. Our forms are secure and easy to modify based on any specific business need. E-Signature capabilities eliminate the need for physical ink signatures from respondents.

6. FormAssembly’s payment integrations make online transactions simple

Every day we watch our customers innovate with FormAssembly, which is why we do our best to increase integrations, build partnerships, and highlight use cases surrounding the most popular opportunities. For instance, FormAssembly’s integrations with payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net make it a perfect system to help you collect payments.

With our payment integrations, you can collect donations for your organization, accept payment for events, implement an invoicing system, set-up recurring payments, or enable lightweight ecommerce. Like all of our integrations, the payment connectors are simple to set up and use. All plans are compliant with PCI DSS level 1, so you’ll know all payments are safe and secure.

7. You don’t have to be a developer to do a lot with FormAssembly

FormAssembly isn’t just a simple form builder. Beyond our drag-and-drop user interface, we offer advanced usage opportunities, including prefill, multiple page forms, forms with options that change based on your answers, and save-and-resume features. These features, along with advanced branding abilities and various theme options, allow users to create forms that do exactly what they want while maintaining brand consistency.

Customer Story:

NPower is a nonprofit organization focused on creating “pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults.” Their case study shows the kind of complex forms that are possible with the Conditional Logic features. NPower’s forms display questions and details conditionally, dependent on what program an applicant selects. If an applicant doesn’t fit the training program requirements, NPower can also halt the application and suggest other resources that may be more fitting.

8. Is self-service more your style? We’ve got you covered

Many of our users like to solve their questions without assistance. To accommodate this self-service style, we offer a massive training and resource database filled with instructional articles and videos. Our resource library is updated frequently, covering topics on all aspects of our platform and its many features. We have over 400 instructional articles and videos, and our blog is full of helpful tips and examples of how to use FormAssembly in your organization.

“FormAssembly’s documentation is invaluable when it comes to creating and connecting forms because it is organized, up-to-date and extremely thorough. They have made it incredibly easy to find anything that you would need in their documentation library. I have been using FormAssembly for about 3 years now and I sometimes come across an obscure question and I can simply type the question in the search engine and find the exact resource I need.” –Kortney Cervantes, Certified Salesforce Consultant, Cloud Giants

9. We’re nonprofit-friendly

FormAssembly is sensitive to the budget constraints and needs of nonprofits, and we are proud to work with many prominent organizations including Give Something Back, PASA, Kentucky YMCA Youth Association, and many more. We understand that nonprofits are out there changing the world. That’s why we offer a 20% discount to all nonprofits to ensure that the vast capabilities of our platform are available to all organizations.

Customer Story:

GiGi’s Playhouse was founded to address negative assumptions that families encounter after receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis and promotes a mission of global acceptance. Gigi’s Playhouse uses FormAssembly to track and manage volunteer sign-ups and hours, which is no small feat—local playhouse teams offer up over 130,000 volunteer hours per year! In the case study, learn how FormAssembly’s Salesforce integration helps power even more growth.

10. You can improve your data governance

Data governance will continue to be a focus for businesses in 2020. As you work on building or improving upon your organization’s own data governance strategy, consider the benefits of FormAssembly:

  • Compliance and Security: FormAssembly offers encryption at rest and is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PCI DSS level 1 on all plans, with HIPAA compliance on our Compliance Cloud plan.
  • Data Quality: Features such as in-form validation and smart Salesforce Connector logic help uphold data quality across the board. By ensuring that all forms collect the right data in the right format, we help cut out frustrating and time-consuming issues for admins.
  • Data Access: Newly released response search makes it even easier to find the data you need when you need it.
  • Data Connection: Our unmatched Salesforce Connector helps your organization reduce silos and improve transparency.

11. Offline capabilities with the FormAssembly iOS app

It’s in our DNA to constantly grow and improve at FormAssembly: better user experience, better features, better support—whatever our customers need. For example, the FormAssembly iOS app is designed to allow users to collect data from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Moving in to 2020, we’re looking forward to improving this app and making it even more useful for your organization.

FormAssembly simplifies and streamlines complex workflows, no matter how large a company is or how many people are involved in a process. All in all, FormAssembly the perfect choice for collecting critical business data and integrating it with the other systems you rely on.

Learn how much potential money and time you could save with FormAssembly in our ROI calculator. 

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