No matter what kind of company you are part of, you navigate process, data, and organizational hurdles that interfere with achieving business goals every day. The good news is, there’s a system that can save time, reduce manual data entry, and transfer information safely to the many different programs you use.

Introducing: FormAssembly, the intuitive, user-friendly solution for your form creation and data collection needs. It’s powerful enough to handle the needs of companies with thousands of employees, while still flexible enough that you can personalize it to your exact situation. And, as if you needed more of a reason than process organization and data streamlining, we’ve compiled 11 examples (in no particular order) of how (and why) our customers use FormAssembly to improve their organization’s workflow on a daily basis.

1. Customers Love (Yes, Love) Our Support Team

It isn’t often that you hear people talk about how much they love technical support. But we frequently receive rave reviews on our support team on Twitter, at tradeshows, and by email. We have earned our positive reputation by providing prompt, friendly issue resolution for customers that use FormAssembly to power key workflows and business processes. The skill and speed of our support team allows large companies to avoid any lull in productivity and continue meeting their own internal deadlines and goals.



How do we create a support team that our customers love? It’s all about finding the right people and taking the time to train them. Our in-depth training process covers all aspects of FormAssembly and gives new hires experience on the backend and user side of our tool. On a daily basis, our support team stays in constant communication. This collaboration helps us find the best, fastest solutions to your questions.

At FormAssembly you won’t get generic support. You’ll get attentive, friendly assistance from a team who can help because they use our tool themselves—every day.

Here are a few quick facts about our support:

  • We had over 10,000 new support conversations over the past three months.
  • Our median response time over that same time period was 2 minutes.
  • We’re currently maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

2. We’re Obsessed With Data Security



The reality of the need for increasingly sophisticated data security isn’t lost on us. Our customers use FormAssembly forms for a wide variety of data types, ranging from non-sensitive information to highly sensitive healthcare-related data. We take security very seriously and have multiple measures in place to ensure that we keep our customers, their stakeholders, and their data safe:

  • Vendor Selection: We identify and work with trustworthy partners by adhering to a strict vendor evaluation process.
  • Data Access: We avoid the possibility of a customer privacy breach by allowing access to customer data on an as-needed basis and only to vetted members of our team.
  • Teammate Training: We take care in training our team on how to properly handle sensitive information, and we specifically stress secure coding practices for our developers.
  • Third-Party Audits: We hire third-party auditors to audit our policies and procedures, and perform penetration tests.
  • Software: We use sophisticated software that identifies potential vulnerabilities through static and dynamic source code analysis.
  • HIPAA Compliance and PCI DSS Level 1 Certification: Our robust security practices satisfy the requirements of HIPAA Compliance and PCI DSS Level 1 Certification (for certain Enterprise-level plans).

Use Case: Clients large and small trust FormAssembly and our 99.98% uptime (over the past year) to transmit their data securely. Adam Smeets, Director of University Information Systems for Dominican University, noted that our security gives them peace of mind that confidential information stays safe and secure:

“For example, students who want to apply to be teaching assistants in the classroom — that data needs to be secure. With FormAssembly, security is clearly defined and protected, specifically with the data we’re collecting and storing,” said Adam.

Our client base spans multiple continents and 52 countries, and some of our Enterprise clients include governments, Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries, and prominent higher education institutions.

3. We Offer Unparalleled, Seamless Integration with Salesforce

Our Salesforce Connector is kind of like our signature dance move. This feature allows you to automatically send just about any information into Salesforce with a few quick setup steps (including creating custom objects and adding attachments). The abilities of the Salesforce connector are, well, pretty impressive. Think, Web to Anything. Adding leads? Yes, you can do that. Updating contacts? Yep, that too. Prefilling from Salesforce, attaching files to Salesforce records, and sending data to custom objects and fields? Check, check, check.

With this connector, businesses no longer have to  manually add and update information in Salesforce, eliminating the stress of data entry errors and duplication complications. With FormAssembly, you get clean, organized data—every time.


Use Case: The unparalleled strength of our Salesforce Connector is often a deciding factor for many of our users. Healthcare organization Aetna uses Salesforce to power a variety of processes. When they began working with FormAssembly, they needed a system that could help them to streamline their processes, without missing any opportunities to connect their data back to their Salesforce base. Using our solution allowed them to prefill information and improve the process of updating account records in Salesforce.

4. FormAssembly Helps You Get IT on Your Side

Which department is tasked keeping your company secure and compliant? Who has to fix the problems when your data collection practices are found to be lacking? The answer to both is IT.

With FormAssembly as a centralized data collection solution, IT can maintain much-needed oversight of data collection and avoid the potential consequences of using multiple different methods (not all of them secure) of collecting and storing information.

Additionally, the sophistication of our security program and strength of our product allows IT to successfully conduct any security, legal or compliance-related reviews without a hitch.

5. FormAssembly Can Turn Mountains of Paper Forms Into One Simple Web Form


It’s the new millennium. Shouldn’t we be living in a post-paper world? Countless businesses spend time and resources using paper-based processes for hiring, evaluation, training, and more. Companies may find themselves stuck using PDF forms they have to print, have manually completed, and then spend time entering the data into any given system. The result? Wasted time and resources and file cabinets filled with redundant physical records.

FormAssembly allows companies and departments to escape the paper prison and move to a faster, simpler, more elegant form solution. Our forms are secure and easy to modify based on any specific business need. E-signature capabilities eliminate the need for a physical ink signature from form respondents.

6. FormAssembly’s Payment Integrations Make Online Transactions Simple

Every day we watch our customers innovate with FormAssembly, which is why we do our best to increase integrations, build partnerships, and highlight use cases surrounding the most popular opportunities. For instance, FormAssembly’s integrations with payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net make it a perfect system to help you collect payments.

With our payment integrations, you can collect donations for your organization, accept payment for events, implement an invoicing system, set-up recurring payments, or enable lightweight ecommerce. Like all of our integrations, the payment connectors are simple to set-up and use.

Use Case: Qbox, a hosted Elasticsearch provider, is a current customer of ours that’s developing a new invoicing system using FormAssembly. They considered other options for invoicing but ultimately decided to select FormAssembly because of the flexibility of the payment connectors and the attractive price point.

“FormAssembly gave me the point-and-click interface I needed to create payable invoices with whatever fields I wanted, and it also allowed me to feed key information, like the Authorize.Net transaction number associated with each invoice, back into Salesforce once the customer paid,” said Kelly Strauch, Qbox Business Analyst. “FormAssembly solved a big need for us with a considerably lower price tag than other solutions we considered for payable invoices; and it delivered much, much more beyond.”

7. You Don’t Have to Be a Developer to Do a Lot With FormAssembly

The thing about FormAssembly is, it’s not just a simple form builder. Beyond our easy user interface (have we mentioned it’s drag and drop?!), we offer advanced usage opportunities, like forms that prefill your information, forms with multiple pages, forms with options that change based on your answers, and forms you can save and continue editing later. These features (along with advanced branding abilities) allow users to make forms that do exactly what they want and maintain brand consistency.

Use Case: Keshet, a national nonprofit working for full LGBTQ inclusion and equality in the Jewish community, uses FormAssembly for a wide variety of purposes, including event registration and fundraising. Their forms exhibit the high level of complexity that’s possible with FormAssembly. For example, they use our prefilling capabilities to make donations a snap, they use repeating sections in event registration to encourage people to invite multiple guests, and they insert conditional sections in training registration forms to show only applicable information for training session. FormAssembly allows Keshet to save time and make their forms easier for users to complete.

8. Is Self-Service More Your Style? We’ve Got You Covered.

Many of our users like to solve their questions without assistance. To accommodate this self-service style, we offer a huge (and we mean HUGE) training and resource database filled with instructional articles and videos. The Resource Center is updated frequently and includes topics on all aspects of the Form Builder and our many connectors.

In addition to almost 200 pages of documentation, we have over 85 instructional videos and our blog is full of helpful tips and examples of how to use FormAssembly in your organization.

“FormAssembly’s documentation is invaluable when it comes to creating and connecting forms because it is organized, up-to-date and extremely thorough. They have made it incredibly easy to find anything that you would need in their documentation library. I have been using FormAssembly for about 3 years now and I sometimes come across an obscure question and I can simply type the question in the search engine and find the exact resource I need.”

Kortney Cervantes, Certified Salesforce Consultant, Cloud Giants

9. We’re Nonprofit-Friendly

FormAssembly is sensitive to the budget constraints and needs of nonprofits, and we are proud to be able to serve many prominent organizations including Polaris, OneGoal, and Habitat for Humanity. We understand that you are out there changing the world—literally. That’s why we offer a 20% discount to all nonprofits. That, paired with additional discounts from subscribing to a yearly plan, ensures that the vast capabilities of our Form Builder are available to all organizations.


Use case: Polaris is a nonprofit that provides a variety of services aimed at fighting human trafficking around the world. They use FormAssembly in a number of ways, including streamlining the process for service provider applications, receiving product feedback on their Global Modern Slavery Directory, and gathering information on client needs.

10. Your Audience Benefits from User-Friendly Forms

Surveys, donation forms, event sign-up forms, job applications. These types of forms have one common goal: more conversions. That means more feedback to better your organization, more donations for your cause, more people at your events, and more quality talent for your company.

We’ll clue you in on something big here. People won’t fill out just any form. A poorly designed form that takes more trouble than it’s worth will frustrate your users and decrease your overall conversions. With FormAssembly, it’s simple to create branded forms that are easy to use and filled with smart logic.

11. The FormAssembly iOS App (Offline Capabilities, Anyone?)

It’s in our DNA to constantly grow and improve at FormAssembly: A better user experience, better (and increased!) features, better support—you name it. One of our latest developments is the FormAssembly iOS app, which lets you collect data in your forms from anywhere with or without an internet connection.

Our customers have responsibilities that span beyond their office walls, which often means limited access to WiFi or organizational systems. With the FormAssembly app, you can collect data on service calls, in the field, at events, or virtually anywhere else. When you have internet access again, you can easily sync the collected data to your account. How could you use offline data collection in your business? Download the app and level up your FormAssembly use today.


Use case: The iOS app is brand new, but our customers are already excited for the ways that it could take their data gathering to the next level. Before beta testing the app, we asked customers  for preliminary feedback on how they could use FormAssembly iOS app’s offline capabilities. Here’s just a sample:

  • Gathering health data in remote areas
  • Holding client meetings in locations where WiFi isn’t available
  • Registering people for events and education programs remotely
  • Using FormAssembly while traveling
  • Evaluating teacher performance on-site


You don’t have to accept disorganization and clutter in your business. You don’t have to go through the frustration of another mile-long email chain just to complete a simple business process. You don’t have to spend hours entering simple information into Salesforce. FormAssembly simplifies and streamlines complex workflows, no matter how large a company is or how many people are involved in a process. All in all, FormAssembly is a powerful, capable and low-risk choice for collecting critical business data and integrating it with other systems you rely on.

The truth is, there isn’t a lot that FormAssembly can’t do. These examples are just a start. How would your company use FormAssembly? Sign-up for a free, no-obligation two-week trial and start organizing your work with web forms today.

Maggie Tharp
Maggie Tharp is FormAssembly’s Content Marketing Specialist. She currently lives in the Denver area and loves writing, swing dancing, trying new recipes, and hiking.

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