10 FormAssembly G2 Crowd Reviews We Love

At FormAssembly, we love our many customers in industries ranging from financial services to healthcare to nonprofit. From the reviews that customers leave us around the web, it’s pretty clear they love us too. Here are a few excerpts from some of our favorite reviews from G2Crowd.

1. “…Tailored to your needs…”

“FormAssembly combines all of the usability of a drag-and-drop editor with the flexibility of custom development, to create forms that are tailored to your needs and incredibly powerful in their functionality. We use FormAssembly forms for just about everything, from our application process, to contact management, to post-event surveys. Because it allows you both to pull and push data to Salesforce seamlessly, it provides a quick tool for automating complex transactions with our Salesforce instance.”
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– Billy D.

2. “…Solid integration with Salesforce…”

“We love working with Form Assembly for our form integration tool with Salesforce. We are a consulting shop ( and have implemented Form Assembly for over 30 Salesforce organization. Great tool and very solid integration with Salesforce, especially with business rules and logic (order records are created, linking records together, creating multiple related records, etc..).”
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– Chris S.

3. “…Customer service is unbeatable…”

“The customer service is unbeatable. No matter how large or small the issue, they are there to walk you through and show you the ropes.”
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– Katie T.

4. “…Makes life easy…”

“The Salesforce prefill connector is a huge asset to how we [use] FormAssembly. We can create forms in places like Community Cloud and flows and prepopulate data from Salesforce records (such as contacts, leads and users) and have that readily available for our users to fill. Also a huge plus is the lookup and update logic that helps with preventing duplicate records from being created in our instance and makes life easy for our org.”
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– Medhanie H.

5. “…User friendly…”

“FormAssembly is a great product for those of us who are not considered techies, but still need to find our way around. It’s user friendly and has great articles and documentation which offer troubleshooting. Plus, their customer service team is always a click or an email away!”
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– Shannon S.

6. “…Saving time and ensuring accurate data entry…”

“The automation with Salesforce, Google Drive, and PayPal has been incredibly valuable in saving time and ensuring accurate data entry into our systems. The forms are also very user-friendly and can be used for a lot of different purposes, from evaluations to program applications.”
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– Nora D.

7. “…Allows us to automate (and improve) so many processes…”

“Form Assembly is a critical tool for us at Culture Amp and has been for me at previous companies as well. The ability to put data from forms directly into Salesforce allows us to automate (and improve) so many processes.”
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– Andy M.

8. “…Flexible, complex, and easy to use…”

“It is both flexible, complex, and easy to use, which I would have sworn could never happen all in combination! The admin interface is easy to use and allows some very complex options. Customer support has always been very helpful. The Salesforce integration is smooth.”
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– Marina S.

9. “…I don’t need any other form building products…”

“I can use FormAssembly for all my form needs. From a simple few questions to multiple forms connected together, it’s got it all! I don’t need any other form building products with FormAssembly. We have cancelled all our other subscriptions.”
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– Anthony K.

10. “…Brilliant…”

“We were looking for an easy way to leverage data in and out of salesforce, specifically dealing with a few marketing lead-gen use cases. The ability to create a form and connect it using the salesforce connector, then map and create literally any logic on how data can be viewed outside of salesforce, and in-turn send and stored within salesforce is brilliant.”
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– Sean R.
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