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SalesPath Use Case: Create a Salesforce Lightning List Email Opt-Out Flow With FormAssembly

Are you using Salesforce Lightning List Emails and need a way to allow your recipients to unsubscribe? An unsubscribe option isn’t automatically included in Salesforce email templates, but you can achieve a simple, streamlined unsubscribe process using FormAssembly and the FormAssembly Salesforce Prefill and Submit Connectors. FormAssembly…

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    FormAssembly in the News: MarTech Series

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    [Infographic] Implementation Services Process: Your Start-to-Finish Guide

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    5 Awesome Dreamforce 2018 Sessions Featuring FormAssembly

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    How To: Display and Select Salesforce Opportunity Records Based on Multiple Criteria Search

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    FormAssembly Teammate Highlight: Paul Lazatin

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    [Webinar Recap] Do You Know Where Your Data Is?: Best Practices for Form Security and Data Governance

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